May 19, 2015

Vern Yip Fabrics by Trend

Vern Yip has a modern and bright collection of fabrics and trim sold by Trend Fabrics through Fabricut. Great price point! Vern Yip Fabrics is sold by Trend through Fabricut to the trade.
Vern yip fabrics
Vern Yip Fabrics
Background fabric: 03373 in Exotic Sky

Left side stack:
Top: 03350 in Capri
Middle: 03351 in Poppy
Bottom: 03353 in Orange

Right side:
Top: 03186 in Grey
Middle: 03358 in Spice
Bottom: 03359 in Poppy

Left top: 03319 in Mist
Left bottom: 03320 in Orange
Right top: 03317 in Elephant
Cord on right: 03315 in Poppy

1 comment :

Sonia Gautam said...

Lovely and beautiful luxury bed linen, I love them...