Apr 22, 2015

Mixing Turquoise and Green Modern Fabrics

Get this look! Mixing turquoise and green can be tricky unless you have the right fabrics. This is a great example of mixing the two colors in this bedroom by Brunschwig.

green and turquoise rooms
Turquoise and Green Bedroom

Maisonnette Collection from Brunschwig
Wallcovering: Treillage Sidewall in Leaf.
Duvet and Shams: Festival of Lanterns in Green.
Bed Pillows: Fawkes Cotton Print in Turquoise; Lightning Bolt in Turquoise.
Lounge: Yasmeen in Aqua/Green; Coeur Band in Leaf.
Pillow on lounge: Kila Velvet in Turquoise.
All fabrics and wallcovering from Brunschwig to the trade.

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Chirag Dagli said...

The fusion of design styles really works well with this chair!