Apr 14, 2015

Exotic Modern Room Fabrics: Dark Blues and Vivid Pinks

Go Exotic with Fabricut!

Modern Fabrics and Trim by Fabricut.
Drapery: Gabon in Cream
Drapery trim: Diagonal Stripe in Mulberry
Chairs against the Wall: Haveli in Berry
Left Chair Pillow: Entangle in Indigo; Trim: Lighterman in Brushed Gold
Right Chair Pillow: Pareto in Jade; Trim: Bobbin in Merlot
Wallcovering: 50025W Diamante in Indigo
Sofa: Highlight Velvet in Navy
Sofa pillows: Entangle in Indigo; Vitasphere in Wine; Cool Arrow in Navy
Ottoman: Monterey in Indigo
Metal Chair Cushions: Allegiance in Indigo
All fabrics and trim by Fabricut.

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