Sep 27, 2013

Inspiration Rooms: New Yellow Paint Color

This is a new "yellow" paint color from Farrow and Ball. This is a classic bright yellow that was much used in the 1960's but has become equally popular today. Love the name! YELLOWCAKE!

Wall: Yellowcake in Estate Emulsion.

Paint pairings with Yellowcake:  All White; Lamp Room Gray; Down Pipe; Dimpse; Stone Blue; Hague Blue and Blazer (red).
All colors from Farrow and Ball Paint. To the trade.

Sep 26, 2013

Golden Yellow Fabrics for Fall!

A new color collection from Robert Allen Fabrics! This new colorway "Sunrise" is a bright and bold choice for Autumn that brings landscape colors into your interiors for a rich and inspiring look.

Fabrics from top to bottom:
Electron in Sunrise.
Boxed Squares in Sunrise.
Road Bump in Sunrise.

Sep 25, 2013

Inspiration Rooms: New Blue Paint Color

This is a new "blue" paint color from Farrow and Ball. It was patterned after the color of mud found at Stiffkey Beach in Norfolk UK. Notice the rich blue and how it pairs well with grays such as Downpipe.

Wall: Stiffkey Blue in Estate Emulsion.
Trim Rail: Brassica in Estate Eggshell.
Floor: Downpipe in Floor Paint.

Paint pairings with Stiffkey:  Skylight; Wimborne White; Dimpse; Manor House Gray; Off Black; Light Gray.
All colors from Farrow and Ball Paint. To the trade.

Sep 17, 2013

Inspiration Rooms: Soft Blues from Colefax and Fowler

Soft blue fabrics mixed with whites makes this room soothing and inviting! These classic designer fabrics redefine elegance and style for the more modern and traditional homes of today. Copy this look!

Chair on left: Gresham Check in Blue.
Pillow: Kashmir Leaf in Blue.

Chair on right: Gresham Stripe in Blue.
Pillow: Kashmir Leaf in Blue.

Chairs: Ellary Check in Blue.
Pillow left: Juliana in Silver.
Pillow right: Atlantic in Old Blue.
Drapes: Brockham in Old Blue.

All of these beautiful fabrics are from the Haslemere Collection from Colefax and Fowler. This collection is a mix of plaids, stripes, wools, silks, prints and plains. To the trade.

Sep 12, 2013

New Paint Color from Farrow and Ball

New Color!  Dimpse
Wall: Dimpse in Estate Emulsion
Trim: Dimpse in Estate Eggshell
Floor: Down Pipe in Floor Paint
Ceiling: All White in Estate Emulsion

Designer Secret: Notice the trim color is the same as the walls for minimum contrast. This puts much more emphasis on the floor and furnishings. You don't need the high contrast for a great look.

New paint color: Dimpse
This new paint color from Farrow and Ball is a cool gray tone that resembles the color of twilight.
Pair this color with any of the following for three great combinations to choose from already done for you!
1- Dimpse, Blackened and Pavilion Gray
2- Dimpse, Pigeon and Mizzle
3- Dimpse, Stiffkey Blue and Manor House Gray

Sep 10, 2013

Traditional Fabrics are Modernized by Color! All from Alessandra Branca by Schumacher

International designer, Alessandra Branca, brings elegance and sophistication to her new collection of fabrics available through F Schumacher. Dramatic and playful but with a vibrant color palette that adds the burst of energy to familiar damasks, toiles and chinoiserie patterns. Some of our favorites below!

Andrea Velvet Strie in Greige

Interior - Coromandel in Fuchsia/Grey
Exterior - Schumacher's Gainsborough Velvet that comes in over 100 colors!
Border - Cut from the bordered fabric, L'Indienne in Rouge/Noir.

Contenti in Noir/Rouge

Pillows left to right:
Anna Damask in Fuchsia /Grey
Corallina in Rouge
Melograno in Fuchsia/Grey

Floor pillows:
Sofia Diamond in Fuchsia
Branca Stripe in Fuchsia

Don't you just love this shade of green?

Chair fabric:
Elizabeth in Acid Green/Greige
Pillow: Dudley in Grey

Pillement Mirror by Schumacher - Hardwood frame finished in White Gesso.

South Beach Chair by Schumacher.

A modern take on traditional styles and fabrics using bold colors!

Branca Stripe in Prussian Blue.

Anna Damask in Prussian Blue.

Dudley in Rouge.

Wilshire Wing Chair from Schumacher.
Gwenth Linen in Ivory. Over 30 colors in linen from Schumacher.

Coromandel in Prussian Blue.

All fabrics are Alessandra Branca through F Schumacher. To the trade.

Sep 3, 2013

Top Crystal Chandeliers!

You may think that crystal chandeliers are no longer popular, but they are as much in demand as ever! Mixing a crystal chandelier in a more modern or rustic setting changes the mood of the room and adds that mystic that makes people take a second look. Make your room standout with a chandelier that is opposite of your decor!

Distressed Gold Crystal Chandelier - A beautiful form is augmented by a sparing use of crystal beads and crystal drops. Looks great in traditional or contemporary rooms. The finish is a distressed gold iron and has eight lights. A larger size at 36" across; see our smaller best selling version C09880. Item C09881 at The Designer Insider shop.

Distressed Gold Crystal Chandelier in Medium - Crystal accents on a beautifully formed iron chandelier. See the larger version above, C09881. Six lights on a distressed gold iron frame. Size: 33" across. Item C09880 at The Designer Insider shop.

Silver Leaf Crystal Chandelier - This is the silver leaf version of C09880. Soft distressed silver over iron with crystal accents and six lights. Our larger version of this chandelier is C09891. Size: 33" across. Item C09890 at The Designer Insider shop.

Modern Bubble Glass Crystal Chandelier - We love this beautiful mix of silver and gold on a more modern chandelier. The crystals and glass balls mix to form a unique and unusual effect. Four lights on a whimsical styled chandelier. Size: 20" wide. Item C09027 at The Designer Insider shop.

Drop Crystal Distressed Bronze Chandelier - An iron chandelier with a darker distressed gold and bronze with bulbous crystal drops as the right accent. Eight lights in a larger chandelier at 35" across. Item C09380 at The Designer Insider shop.

Crystal Bud Sphere - This free form of metal branches are made into a ball lantern design that is also part of our Crystal Bud Collection. A petite chandelier for small foyers, baths, hallways or over a counter. Three lights in a compact form of iron with a distressed gold finish. Size: 13" across. Item C09652 at The Designer Insider shop.

Crystal Bud Chandelier in Medium - A free form of metal branches carries an arrangement of crystal buds for a distinctive appearance. This is the medium sized Crystal Bud Chandelier that is part of a larger Crystal Bud Collection. A rustic gold gives a warm appearance with six lights. Size: 27" across. Item C09882 at The Designer Insider shop.

Crystal Drop Small Chandelier - This has been one of our best sellers for quite a while. The large number of mixed crystals on a smaller chandelier that will make quite an impact! Use this smaller chandelier in baths, small foyers and small dining. Size: 19" across x 18" high. Five lights and a distressed gold finish. Item C09008 at The Designer Insider.

Winterthur Distressed Crystal Pendant - This is the largest size of the Winterthur Chandelier Collection. All of these pendants are heavy antiqued in silver and gold with seeded glass and crystals. Some are ceiling mounts and all can hang as a pendant. Four sizes with the largest shown here. Size: 20" across x 30" high. Opulence at its finest! Item C09388 at The Designer Insider shop.