Apr 29, 2013

Linen Sporting Prints from Schumacher

These four new sporting prints are updated designs from the Schumacher archives. Classic motifs that are perfect for dens, lodges, country houses and retreats! Dog and horse prints for animal lovers as well as a great mariner print for boat lovers too!

Pointers - Colorway: Tan. This scene was derived from a 1940's print discovered in the archives. Autumnal colors on a sand colored ground in a heavy linen. A straight repeat of 54" wide x vertical of 27". Pairs great with heavy weighted fabrics such as you see here.

Aston Manor Print - Colorway: Document. A straight repeat of 54" wide x vertical of 21" high. A beautiful toile-like print in traditional shades of green, burgundy and gold against a neutral ground.

Weybridge - Colorway: Parchment. This is a scenic pastoral design featuring a trio of horses in a painterly style. Printed on a heavy weight of 100% linen with a horizontal repeat of 18" and a vertical of 28" high.

Summer Regatta Linen Print - Colorway: Navy. This is a traditional palette rendered in a painterly style. Rich indigo mixes with neutrals on a crisp linen ground. A straight repeat of 49" wide x vertical of 27" high.

Apr 25, 2013

Great Green Fabrics!

Going Green! Green is the most popular color now according to the experts. It is known to reduce stress and bring a sense of calm. Adding green to your decor is a natural choice to create tranquility and peace. Below are some favorite new green fabrics from Robert Allen in varying tones that range from warm to cool. Which tone is your favorite?

Robert Allen's Malakos shown here in Malachite. This is a substantial 100% cotton fabric.

Choose your favorite green! All of these fabrics are useful for upholstery and drapes. All from Robert Allen Design.

Apr 12, 2013

Three Great Black Paint Colors!

Three very dark black paints for a special project or place in your home. Looks great with just about any other colors. All from Farrow and Ball.

"Railings" is catergorized as a darker bronze, but most users say it looks like a charcoal with a slightly blue undertone. Suitable for exterior ironwork in place of the usual black. Shown here on all the woodwork with "Elephant's Breath" as the wall color.

"Off-Black" is a little softer and more flattering to other colors than a jet black. Great for all types of projects like this tub seen here.

"Pitch Black" is just what the name says! More intense than "Off-Black" and is useful for that feature wall where you might want your tv to blend in to the wall.
When painting black or other dark colors, use a dark primer too. All colors and paints from Farrow and Ball.

Apr 5, 2013

Three Favorite Green Paint Colors!

These favorite colors are from Farrow and Ball!

"Cooking Apple Green" is an old fashioned color that is made from common earth pigments.

"Tunsgate Green" is a delicate pale yellowish green and looks best with a clean white so it can maintain its clarity. Or use this color as a neutral with darker accents as you see here.

"Churlish Green" is a definite yellow green color that is a great contrast to browns and darker tones. Luscious! This color is a fan favorite!
All colors and paints from Farrow and Ball.

Apr 2, 2013

Four Great Yellow Paint Colors!

These four great paint colors are some of our faves from Farrow and Ball!

"String" is a subtle cream with yellow undertones and is one of the most popular colors from Farrow and Ball. Also has a great country or traditional feel.

"Sudbury Yellow" is a deeper tone that looks great with contrasting shades of dramatic color. Notice that the trim is a metallic silver tone.

"Farrow's Cream" is the original cream from Farrow and Ball. It does have yellow undertones and will look pale yellow in most cases.

"Dayroom Yellow" is a brighter sunny yellow that has its origins from England in the 1820s. Notice that the black trim is a great contrast for this color.
All paint and colors from Farrow and Ball.