Aug 29, 2013

What's New at Kravet?

This is what we found in the Kravet showroom in Atlanta! All new for Fall 2013.

Soft neutrals mixed with rich golds, black and light blue. These photos depict fabrics that are beautifully coordinated to go together as you see here in the showroom. Notice the rug, accessories and furniture too.

Bright and beautiful from Kravet!

Aug 27, 2013

Stunning Wallpaper from Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Martyn Lawrence Bullard brings wallpaper to life with these grandeur patterns that uses the Ottoman Topkapi Palace as an inspiration. Gorgeous color palettes in cobalt, pomegranate and sepia creates a beautiful masterpiece.

Taj Trellis in Jaipur Blue. Also comes in Sepia or Pomegranate.

Ceiling border:
Bosphorus Border in Peacock. Also comes in Sepia or Pomegranate.

Upper wall:
Topkapi in Peacock. Also comes in Sepia or Pomegranate.
Wall border is cut from Topkapi as it is a bordered pattern.

Lower wall:
Samovar in Peacock. Also comes in Sepia or Pomegranate.

Only one pattern from this collection is not shown in the above photo. That pattern is Sultan's Trellis. See the three colorways below in this pattern. To the Trade through Schumacher.

Aug 26, 2013

Turquoise Lighting: Chandeliers, Lamps and Wall Sconces!

Top row:
C09770 - A beautiful turquoise Empire shaped chandelier made from turquoise polished glass and trimmed with jade glass. Size: 22" across x 33" high.
C06074 - A darker turquoise glass lamp with a unique pattern. A best seller! Size: 31" high.
C05087 - Turquoise and jade wall sconce in polished glass beads. Size: 16" high x 10" wide.

Middle row:
C06072 - Pale turquoise blue glass lamp in a taller and more modern silhouette. Size: 38" high.
C06256 - Mercury glass lamp in a turquoise finish in a classic teardrop shape. Size: 28" high.
C06071 - A pale turquoise blue lamp in an elegant silhouette. A best seller! Size: 30" high.

Bottom row:
C09763 - Turquoise marble beads pendant in a classic orb form. Size: 28" across x 33" high.
C06407 - A taller turquoise lamp with a striking combination of turquoise and black. Size: 43" high.
C09764 - A classic basket shape turquoise pendant made from strings of turquoise marble beads. Size: 18" across x 38" high.

All of these lights are at The Designer Insider shop.

Aug 24, 2013

Modern Rustic! New Fabric Collections from Robert Allen!

Modern fabrics with a rustic look and feel are the new wave! This includes embroidered linen and jacquards with a handwoven look that have wonderful textural qualities perfect for upholstery and draperies. Robert Allen has three beautiful Natural Collections featuring these textural fabrics with global patterns and Native American motifs. Mix these chunky fabrics with coordinates of basic stripes and unique small patterns for a great look using these soft toned collections from Robert Allen!

A sneak peak of three great fabrics from the Natural Collections!
Fabrics from left:

Meadow Place in Cornflower - A heavy cotton stripe in tones of soft blues that is useful for upholstery too. Comes in Cornflower, Dew or Rain.

Carmane in Cornflower - This 100% linen fabric has a bold modern embroidered pattern in beautiful tones of blue. Use this fabric for pillows or draperies and for light duty. Comes in Cornflower or Cayenne.

Warm Shimmer in Cornflower - This fabric is a viscose/linen blend with a beautiful embroidered pattern that also includes a low amount of metallic threads too. A medium repeat design in a modern styled pattern to use like a floral. This fabric is so popular that all the colorways are already on backorder! And it has just recently been introduced! So which colorways are already sold out? All of them!! Colorways: Cornflower, Dew, Graphite, Red Earth and Cayenne.

Warm Shimmer in the four other colorways: Cayenne, Dew, Graphite and Red Earth.

See these new fabrics at Robert Allen Design. Contact your designer for a sample.

Aug 22, 2013

Inspiration Rooms Using Bold Colors from Farrow and Ball!

Paint your own rug on wood stairs!
Bold yellow stripes - Babouche Floor Paint
Wide Gray stripe - Dove Tale Floor Paint
Green stripe - Arsenic Floor Paint
Thin dark striping - Mahogany Floor Paint

Use this combination as a guide to painting any floor or stairs. All paints from Farrow and Ball sold through the Trade.

This room has a bold color in "India Yellow Casein Distemper". The shelving unit is "Mahogany Dead Flat" and the room trim is "Old White Dead Flat". A mix of traditional with an eclectic touch. These paints are from Farrow and Ball and sold through the Trade.

This bold wall color is "Incarnadine Estate Emulsion" and looks great with contrasting accessories and furniture as you see here. The gold frames just pop!

This living room has deep blue walls in "Stone Blue Estate Emulsion" and is enhanced by the "Wimborne White" trim. Notice the more modern accessories shown in a traditional setting.

Use bright and rich colors to inspire your room and settings. Notice the items used in the rooms with the brighter colors and use this as a guide. Copy the Look!
All paints are from Farrow and Ball, sold through the Trade. Thanks again to Farrow and Ball for their inspiration photos.

Aug 21, 2013

Using Large Prints on Upholstery

Use a large pattern to its advantage and place it on a special chair or sofa. The right placement makes all the difference! Center the most important or decorative part of the pattern to achieve the best look.

Chair pattern: Chantilly in Hazelnut. This is a cotton/poly fabric with a vertical repeat of 23 inches and a horizontal repeat of 27 inches. Also comes in Linen (neutral), Pumpkin, Rosewater (pink), Seaglass (soft turquoise) and Lacquer (red). See the Pumpkin below!

Sheer drapery behind chair: Hanami in Brushed Gold. This unique fabric is a paper/linen blend in a large repeat of 24 inches by 23 inches. The fabric is from Japan and comes in only one other colorway: Polished Silver.

Chantilly in Pumpkin. Yummy!

All of these fabrics are by Vervain and sold through Fabricut. To the Trade.

Aug 19, 2013

Inspiration Rooms - Living Rooms

The painted walls in this rustic room are in "French Gray Estate Eggshell" and the darker woodwork is "Mahogany Estate Eggshell". A bold and rich combination!

This room gets a shot of brightness with paint in "Blazer Estate Emulsion". The trim is a softer white in "String Eggshell", one of the most popular colors by Farrow and Ball. These paints are from Farrow and Ball and sold through the Trade. Thanks to Farrow and Ball for the inspiration.

Aug 16, 2013

New Italian Tile from Ann Sacks!

New!  Porcelain tile that resembles wood or concrete for any room in the house from Ann Sacks Tile!

Lath Tile in Ebony. A great wall covering for a more modern space!
Sizes used: 23 5/8" wide x 47 1/4" long.

Lath Tile in Beige.
Sizes used: 7 7/8" wide x 47 1/4" long.

Lath Tile in Whitewash.
Sizes used: 11 7/8" wide x 47 1/4" long.

The above tiles are porcelain and designed by an Italian designer, Rodolfo Dordoni. The design is modeled to get the feel and look of poured concrete and wood using large format tiles. It has a subtle texture that works well for floors and walls. Comes in three sizes as depicted above and four colorways: Ebony, Whitewash, Beige and Clay (gray tone). Sold through Ann Sacks Tile, to the Trade.

Aug 14, 2013

Inspiration Rooms - Foyers

This hallway is traditional with a spark of color from a more modern rug. The hallway walls are "Old White Estate Emulsion" and the woodwork is an "All White Estate Eggshell". These paints are from Farrow and Ball and sold through the Trade.

Try something new for your foyer or front hall and use this combination as a guide for adding color to your setting.

Below chair rail:  Brinjal Emulsion.
Above chair rail: Cornforth White Emulsion.
Trim and stairs:  Wimborne White Estate Eggshell.

All of these paints are from Farrow and Ball. Photos courtesy of Farrow and Ball's inspiration rooms. Sold through the Trade.

Aug 2, 2013

Thom Filicia by Kravet

Thom Filicia for Kravet!
Chair fabric: Back - Stinard in Chartreuse; Front - Pennock in Lizard.
Drapery: Stinard in Chartreuse.

The furniture is Thom Filicia too!
Table: Taunton Round Pedestal Table
Chairs: Buckley Arm and Side Chairs. The hook on the back and the metal trim tying the legs together are all part of the design.
Buffet in left corner: Windsor Buffet with Painted Mirror.

We love these new trim tapes with streaks of extra color!
Left to right:
Marcel in Coast; Marcel in Smoke; Marcel in Chartreuse.

This is one of our favorite new fabrics from Thom Filicia. This 100% linen print has a stain resistant finish which makes it a heavy duty multipurpose fabric. This has a 13" width repeat and a 25" height repeat. A modern paisley for modern rooms! Pattern: Tousey. This colorway is Quarry; also comes in Ocean, Pool and Dusk. To the trade through Kravet.