Feb 7, 2013

Driftwood and Seashell Large Mirror

Driftwood and Seashell Ornate Mirror
Can any description do this mirror justice? No way! This gorgeous mirror captures the essence of the seashore with the beautiful mix of driftwood and natural shells. The mirror backing is wood with a beautiful shaped design that repeats on all four sides. Then small hand picked pieces of driftwood are applied in straight lines with more driftwood placed in a circular pattern around the center round mirror. Then if that wasn't enough, beautiful natural shells in an array of designs and colors are placed by hand on top of the driftwood in a very intricate design. This adornment sends this mirror over the top! Beautiful colors of white, beige, purple, brown, pink, etc. A beautifully shaped mirror that takes the rustic design of the driftwood and makes the mirror special with natural shells in an ornate pattern that repeats on each shaped corner. Gorgeous! Size: 66" high x 49" wide x 4" deep from wall. A larger mirror for a large foyer or larger rooms. Take a look below at a closeup corner view! See this item now at The Designer Insider shop, item #1065.

Top view of this beautiful mirror!

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