Nov 7, 2012

Suzanne Tucker's Plush Velvets

We are highlighting the luxurious velvets and soft plush textures in the Suzanne Tucker Textile Collection!

From left: Dolce in Chili; Sommeso in Moss; Sommeso in Leaf; Sommeso in Chocolate; Dolce in Amethyst. Background is also Dolce in Amethyst.
Dolce is a luscious velvet made of cotton and alpaca that comes in 7 colorways. Sommeso is a soft cotton velvet that has the look of an antique that comes in 7 colorways.

Pattern: Duma. This new plush fabric is a specialty velvet in 100% cotton yarns. Colorways: Indigo, Tan, Chocolate and Pistachio.

Pattern: Nomad. This is a handsome strie velvet with four different colors in one colorway to create the depth of color. Colorways: Sky, Moss, Russet, Chocolate and Beige.

All fabrics to the trade by Suzanne Tucker Home.

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