Apr 18, 2012

Fabrics for Children

This wonderful collection from Lulu DK is perfect for the sophisticated child! This collection features eight prints and six embroideries on cotton grounds. The colorways are a beautiful mix of pastels and bright colors which is well suited to the theme of the designs.

Fabrics for Children:

Parade (elephant print) - A colorful parade of elephants printed on crisp white cotton. Shown here in Multi, also comes in Punch/Pink Lemonade and Blueberry/Ocean. Large repeat of 20"v x 26"h.

Star - Large bright star print on 100% cotton. Large repeat of 36"v x 27"h. Colorways: Sunshine (seen here), Coral or Sky.

Skittles (monkey fabric) - This fabric has a spattered paint embroidered design. Two coordinating colors are mixed in a random dot pattern on 100% cotton. Comes in Punch/Coral or Blueberry/Sky.

Butterfly - This bright print is 100% cotton with a large repeat of 32"v x 27"h. This is the only colorway: Multi.

Fabrics left to right:

Lolllipop - A multicolored embroidered design from Lulu's own hand painted art!  Large repeat of 30"v x 25"h on crisp white cotton. Colorways: Turquoise/Leaf (shown here) or Punch/Turquoise.

Sailboat - A regatta of sailboats against a blue sea in a large repeat design. Printed on soft cotton at 36"v x 27"h. Colorways: Sky (seen here) or Turquoise.

Twix Tape - This decorative tape is the perfect border for the prints and embroideries in this collection. The crosshatched design is embroidered on a white cotton ground. Width is 3.5" for the border. Colorways: Turquoise/Leaf (seen here); Punch/Turquoise; Blueberry/Sky; Pink Lemonade/Punch.

Jungle Jubilee - This charming embroidery features whimsical animals and birds. A large repeat of 30.5"v x 25.25"h on a cotton/viscose blend. Colorways: Leaf (shown here); Punch; Sky; Blueberry.

All of these beautiful fabrics are by Lulu and can be found at F Schumacher. To the trade.