Feb 29, 2012

Highland Court Trims

Beautiful new trims from the Saratoga Collection from Highland Court! Shown first is the Wooden Circle Tassel trim. We love this new look that comes in nine colorways. Shown here in Black.
The next trim is the Suede Loop Fringe and it is followed by the Pom Pom Fringe. Each colorway group has 14 different trims to choose from to match your project. All available in nine colorways. Thanks Highland Court!

This unique drapery tieback is made of wooden beads mixed with balls of color. Colorways available for this tieback -  Left to right: Blaze, Bluegrass, Black, Buckskin, Moss, Perlino, Indigo, Chestnut and Cabernet. Size: 38" total length.
Highland Court is to the trade through Duralee.

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