Jan 25, 2012

Nina Campbell Fabrics

Mix your fabrics for a more modern look! This chair is covered with Voluta on the inside and Voluta Stripe on the outside. Below are the specs on these fabrics!

Voluta - A two toned Italian scroll design with a damask feel woven in velvet. Comes in five great colorway combinations. Colors: Scarlet/Ruby/Plum; Black/Neutral; Lime/Neutral; Teal Blue/Taupe; Taupe/Neutral. Heavy duty usage.

Voluta Stripe - An elegant velvet stripe with heavy duty usage that is ideal for upholstery. Comes in four colorways: Scarlet/Ruby/Plum; Black/Chocolate/Neutral; Lime/Neutral; Lime/Leaf/Beige; Teal Blue/Taupe.

All the beautiful fabrics above from Nina Campbell.

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