Oct 27, 2011

Wood Flooring?

The Nocchio Collection from Ann Sacks Tile!

This new tile collection offers a traditional and timeless design with the look of wood flooring. The attention to detail, coloration and subtle texture makes this the best wood flooring replica on the market. Another view below.

Shown here is Burnt Walnut. Also comes in Golden Oak, Antique Hickory and Yellow Birch.

All photos courtesy of Ann Sacks. To the trade.

Oct 26, 2011

Porta Romana Lighting

Featuring: Blossom Chandelier - This beautiful and unique ceiling light is made of hand forged metal with a cast crystal detail. May be ordered with or without crystals, shown here in White Gold. Also available in Decayed Silver. size: 30" high x 24" wide, lights are hidden at bottom of chandelier.

Made by Porta Romana of the UK. Sold through designers, to the trade.

Oct 25, 2011

Hand Blocked Wallpaper

Hand blocked wallcoverings are highly prized for their beautiful appearance featuring a subtle and softened design. Even the wood blocks are carved by hand and much of the beauty comes from the detailed forms and worn edges. This new collection from Schumacher is all hand blocked on durable surfaces that are suitable for modern and traditional interiors. See a few of our favorites below.


Katsura Stripe - This paper has a tiny floral print that is enhanced with a decorative paisley stripe. This pattern takes two separate wood blocks to create this panel stripe effect. The stripe can also be trimmed and used as a border. Colorways: Oyster, Delft, Water Blue and Aubergine.

Askandra Flower - This large paisley of foliage and flowers is printed with open spacing for a more modern approach. See the Aubergine/Cerise colorway below that is accented with Fuchsia and Metallic Gold.
Colorways: Pear/Water, Oyster, Aubergine/Cerise and Delft.

Askandra Flower in Aubergine/Cerise.

Greek Key Stripe - This timeless Greek Key pattern is block printed in a double striped pattern creating a classical look with a modern feel. Colorways: Navy, Water Blue, Straw, Tabac and Oyster.

Hope these beautiful photos of hand blocked wallcoverings will inspire you to use wallpaper in at least one area of your home. All photos are courtesy of Schumacher. To the trade.

Oct 20, 2011

Kravet Couture Fabrics

Fabric: 31265-519.

Fabric left to right: 31275-5; 31222-19; 31327-3.

Fabric left to right: 31327-3; 31236-512; Java Ikat-512; 31297-3; 31245-613; 31202-10.

Drapery: 9315-540
Sofa: H4200-1; 30717-6
Pillows left to right: 31265-519; 31272-13

All photos courtesy of Kravet Couture. To the trade.

Oct 18, 2011

Modern Glamour Wallcoverings

The newest collection from Schumacher features handcrafted and embossed wallcoverings that glimmer with metals and exotic materials. Subtle neutrals are enhanced with gold, bronze and silver. Glamorous surfaces for modern living spaces!

Raindrop Scroll - This is a dramatic pattern that is created with raised dots that make a large scale modern scroll. The background is hand dragged strie in metallicized shades. Gorgeous! Colorways: Amethyst, Pearl and White Gold.

Greek Key Sisal - This is the classic Greek key motif that is hand printed in a raised pattern against a textured natural sisal background. The mixture of matte versus shine gives this paper a dramatic and modern look. Colorways: Peacock, Jet and Silver.

Chevron Texture - This paper is made of raised diagonal stripes which are hand crafted. The surface is metallic in a range of four colorways:  Sable, Burnished Bronze, Mineral and White Gold.

Hopefully these photos will inspire you to use wallpaper in at least one special place in your home. All photos courtesy of Schumacher. To the trade.

Oct 13, 2011

Camengo Collections from Casamance

This is a view of two new collections from Camengo by Casamance. Above is the Carnet de Voyage Collection featuring a modern style Ikat fabric mixed with silks, velvets, embroideries and natural materials. Below is the Beauborg Collection that is refined and bright with a definite contemporary flair using stripes, curves and velvet chevrons. Notice the mix of fabrics on the windows!

All photos and fabrics courtesy of Camengo by Casamance.

Oct 12, 2011


Diamonds are a girl's best friend! Well this is the closest we can come with this beautiful collection of Chase Hardware through B Berger. The Palladia Collection features metal rods and finials that comes in three finishes and features Swarovski inlaid crystals and trim. This beautiful line incorporates contemporary styling with elegant details in three of the finest metal finishes: Satin Nickel, Bronze and Satin Brass.

A beautiful crystal flower perched on the end of this Satin Nickel and Chrome mixed rod. This is the Petite Fleur in Satin Nickel. Gorgeous!

This is the Carat finial from Chase featuring the inlaid crystals shown here in the Bronze colorway on metal.

This is the Ellipse finial from Chase shown here in the Satin Brass. Gorgeous!

This is how the crystals are inlaid in the metal finials. Many more options are available in this line including ones without crystals. Contemporary and clean with a touch of elegance from Chase Company. All are to the trade through B Berger.

Oct 11, 2011

Leather Trim and Tiebacks

Is this a decorative belt for a new dress? Not on this blog! This is a beautiful collection of leather tiebacks for draperies from Ian Sanderson. We love this unique look that fits into rustic and modern interiors. Many styles are available that include patents, animal patterns, soft suedes, metallic leathers, textured leathers and soft leathers. Several colorways are also available in each style. See some of our favorites below!

This is the Buckle Tieback that comes in Chocolate, Earth, Ice, Mink, Noir, Oyster, Pebble, Saddle, Sand, Toast. This tieback comes also in the suede leather, textured leathers and metallics. Such a range of choices!

This is a photo of the Shaped Tieback in one of the metallic colors. It attaches by a ring at each end which is also available in different metals too. Metallic leathers available: Metallic Brass, Metallic Chrome, Metallic Gold, Metallic Gunmetal, Pearlised Bronze, Pearlised Graphite, Pearlised Quartz, Pearlised Silver.
The Shaped Tieback also comes in soft leather colors, suede colors and textured leather colors.

Other tiebacks available: Leather Rope Tiebacks, Strand Plait Tiebacks and Tab End Tiebacks. Above is an example of the Leather Fine Piping that comes in a multitude of metallic colors. Many more trim options in braids and piping all in leather are also there for the choosing!

Ian Sanderson is a "to the trade" company from the UK that is available around the world through designers. Contact your designer for more information.

Oct 7, 2011

Hand Woven Fabric by Schumacher

Weaving Schumacher Fabric!

Introducing: Darya Ikat, colorway is Sky. This woven fabric is created by warp printing and hand weaving techniques. It is table printed using silk screens and then transferred to a loom where it is woven by hand. This process softens the bold look of the original design. Darya Ikat is a linen/cotton blend and features an exotic patterned stripe design. The color and weaving variations with each length of fabric are hallmarks of an authentic ikat.

Preparing for the loom.

Hand weaving on the loom.

Colorways shown above for the Darya Ikat pattern. Part of the Martyn Lawrence Bullard Collection for Schumacher.

Oct 5, 2011

New Collection from Brunschwig and Fils!

Les Alizes is the new collection from Brunschwig and Fils with inspiring prints, embroideries, weaves and trimmings. Each of the designs were inspired by the convergence of Western and Eastern cultures. This is a very unique mix of bright palettes that will fit into many different styles of interiors. Gorgeous!

Drapery - Samarkand Cotton and Linen Print in Dusty Rose/Rust. Four other colorways available too.

Chair - Gulchihra Printed Velvet in Espresso/Berry. Two other colorways available.

Pillows from left:
Hyde Park Stripe in Primrose. Six other colorways available.
Zenobia Linen Print in Orange Spice/Mocha; three other colorways available too.

Sofa - Bellary Cotton Print in Aqua/Taupe. This fabric has its own border and it is used here on the sofa skirt. This fabric has four other colorways.

Pillows from right:
Hyde Park Stripe in Turquoise with Lala Tape border in Aqua/Chartreuse.
Bayberry Strie in Chartreuse. Eight other colorways available.

All photos courtesy of Brunschwig and Fils. To the Trade.

Oct 4, 2011

Best Selling Chandelier!

Distressed Gray and Gold Chandelier
This is the epitome of elegance without using crystals! The embellishments on this chandelier sets it apart from most others and lends just the right amount of detail to the form. This chandelier is all wrought iron with beautiful curves above the candles and an open basket feel below the candles. Very pleasing to the eye! The framework of this chandelier is finished in a distressed gray and then is highlighted with gold leaf for the extra punch. The leaves on the top of the chandelier as well as on the bottom all are finished in the gold leaf. The chain as well as the unique rope trim around the center, are all finished in the gold leaf too. What a unique combination! Size: 29" across x 34" high.  BEST SELLER!
In stock now at The Designer Insider, item #C09948.

Oct 3, 2011

Classic Cloth's Newest Designs

Two new favorites from Classic Cloth through Dessin Fournir!

Features: Beautiful soft colorways that are hand dyed, hand woven and hand block printed. A linen/cotton blend for softness and durability.

Kelvingrove Park
Colors from left: Soot; Pewter; Cafe au Lait; Slate; Dijon; Sage; Sherbet; Soft Chambray. Floral print with a small repeat: 6 1/2" v and h.

Colors from the top: Cornflower; Coriander; Cardamon; Madder; Indigo; Chocolate. Small repeat of 4"v  x 4"h.

All photos courtesy of Classic Cloth and Dessin Fournir. To the trade.