Mar 31, 2011

Kravet Fabrics: Building A Color Palette

Design 101: Building a Color Palette. Below is a great example on how to build a color palette for your room. Use this as a guide and then formulate it in your own style and colors. This group from Kravet features modern prints with textured weaves to create a beautiful room in the newest tones of orange.

Step one: Find your feature pattern.
Our feature pattern is Poppyfield, a beautiful modern floral on linen that has a heavy duty durability. This fabric has been washed, softened and is stain and water repellent. Large repeat at 25"v x 27" wide. Thom Filicia Collection. Also comes in four other colorways.

Step two: Add another smaller pattern to coordinate.
This pattern, Citysquare, is a modern geometric print on linen. Heavy duty durability in a washed and softened linen fabric. Stain and water repellent too. Small repeat at 6.5"v x 7"w. This fabric is from the Thom Filicia Collection and comes in three other colorways.

Step three: Add woven textures for upholstery and for additional pillows.  Fabrics: Poppyfield.12; Citysquare-12; 30981-1624; 30764-12; 30758-16; 30765-6 (disc).

One, two, three; Your done!
All fabrics and photos are courtesy of Kravet. To the trade.

Mar 29, 2011

Samuel and Sons Trim

Samuel and Sons has longed been known for their best selling Greek Key Border that comes in many colors and sizes. But what other great trims do they have for decorating drapes and pillows? See some of the best here!

Tanami Wire Wrap Wood Fringe - Modern fringe with a rayon tape, black wood cubes and metal trim in this one colorway. Collection: Oasis.

2" Hand Embroidered Flora Border - Linen tape all embroidered in Jute in four colorways. Collection: Oasis.

Ajoutee Tiered Glass Fringe - This elegant fringe is all silk and glass. Comes in Tranquil Seas (here), Sands, Ivory, Lettuce Green and Off Whites. Collection: Ajoutee.

3" Gumdrop Pompom Fringe - What a fun fringe! Shown here in Fruit Punch, also available in Groovy Grape and Blueberry Blast. Collection: Gumdrop.

Handmade Fringe with Ornaments - This is an elegant fringe that is all hand made and comes in Red/Gold, Black/Gold or Taupe/Gold. Not in a collection.

2" Miten Shell Border - Unique linen tape with hand applied real seashells! Only in off white. Collection: Seashells. More styles of shell tapes and braids available.

Amabile Greek Key Border 2 3/8" - The famous Greek key border comes in multi-colors too! Seen here in Brown/Gold/Rust and also comes in the following: Rust/Peach; Brown/Black/Taupe; Rust/Gold/Olive; Green/Gold; Puple/Gold/Brown; Wine/Gold/Purple; Multi Gold; Wine/Rust. Collection: Amabile Greek Key.

All trims are courtesy of Samuel and Sons. To the trade.

Mar 25, 2011

New Outdoor Fabrics!

Robert Allen Design has a new outdoor collection! Let me introduce you to Al Fresco Oceana, a Sunbrella collection that is brand new for Spring.

Top to bottom:
Arizona Way in Bluebell
Speckles in Cloud
Fiery Blast in Twine

Here a few more from this collection:

Grams Mat in Twine.

Dots Along in Pool.

Rain Drops in Leaf.

These fabrics are high durability of 100% acrylic and are made for indoor or outdoor areas. Each fabric comes in more colorways, check with your designer. To the trade.

Mar 24, 2011

Spring Fabrics from Robert Allen Design

This group of fabrics makes me happy! So bright and cheerful and looking good for Spring. Mix these fabrics with the paints below for your complete Spring look! All from Robert Allen Design.

From top left:
Ticking Stripe in Hydrangea - 100% silk and great for draperies!
Woven Bliss in Hydrangea
Glowing Stripe in Hydrangea
Main fabric: Spring Estate in Prussian. This is a large repeat floral on 100% cotton but with great durability of 15,000 double rubs. Use for furniture, pillows or draperies.

Top right: Two great solids for additional color. Orvis in Hydrangea and Daredevil in Zinnia.

Coordinate your home using these paint suggestions from Sherwin Williams.

Fabrics from Robert Allen, to the trade. Paint provided by Sherwin Williams.

Mar 23, 2011

Design Idea: Redo Your Wall Art

Steal this idea!

 Take any large print that you find at a bargain sale and cut into smaller prints. Reframe and see the results below!

 Get the "designer" look with multiple framed pieces you make yourself!

This article and illustration is from the Inspired News that you can read through Kravet's website or if you are a designer you can always find a copy in every Kravet showroom. A great way to keep up with the newest and latest trends that are coming soon! I never miss an issue!

Mar 22, 2011

Stanley Furniture Introduces a New Collection!

Stanley Furniture has a great new collection, European Farmhouse. It consists mainly of eclectic pieces that work well together with a feeling of the old and the new. The collection has four finishes with physical and chemical distressing to achieve this old world look. Not all of the pieces are available in all four finishes but these pieces complement each other easily in any home decor and the consumer will get the eclectic look without too much work! How easy is that! I love Stanley Furniture because of its great quality and affordable price point. Below are a few pieces from this new collection.

Four finishes offered:

This is one of our favorite pieces. The L'acrobat Open Air Shelf is paired with the Campagne Cabinet to create a great display or serving piece. Notice in the bottom photo that the same pieces are shown as an entertainment display for the television.

Pieces in this room: L'Acrobat Open Air Shelf, Campagne Cabinet, Patron's Desk and Maison Moderne Chair.

Pieces in this room: L'Acrobat Open Air Shelf, Campagne Chest, Art Industriel Conversation Table, Vintner's Table and Art Industriel Companion Table in foreground.

This Welcome Sideboard in Chalkboard is paired with the Captain's Fluted Edge Mirror in Terrain for a great combination.

This Provencal Gardens Table with its beautiful planked top is perfect for dining or for any work space at 36" diameter. Comes in Blond or Terrain.

Photos and information courtesy of Stanley Furniture.

Mar 21, 2011

Barbara Barry Interview with Inspired News

Inspired News is a great informational tool that is provided through Kravet. This paper can be found in every Kravet showroom or you can read it online at the Kravet website. You can see the latest trends, read interesting designer interviews and see what is happening right now in the world of design. Click here for a direct link to the latest edition of Inspired News!

Recently Barbara Barry was asked about some of her favorite things. See parts of this interview below!

What's Your Favorite....... by Barbara Barry.

Chair - The Bracelet Chair through Henredon in ivory by Barbara Barry.

The Bracelet Chair comes in two finishes: ivory painted or burnished walnut. This signature piece is designed with a trio of ovals that creates a beautifully balanced form. A generously scaled chair to add to any traditional or modern decor. Size: 28 1/2" wide x 35" high x 30" deep.

More favorites..........

Accessory - Valextra handbag

City - Amsterdam

Country - Italy

Fashion Designer - Balenciaga

Hotel - Eichardt's, Queenstown, New Zealand

Restaurant - Noma in Copenhagen

Shoes - Robert Vivier

Season - Spring

Check out the latest edition of Inspired News at

Mar 18, 2011

Outdoor Wovens from Walfab!

Walfab is one of those great companies that quietly keeps on giving their customers fabulous fabrics in fabulous colors! They have become known for their tropical prints and wovens in the design community. Below is the new Alligator Collection of outdoor wovens that adds a new dimension to their great collections.

First row:
Waxing in Nut. A woven graphic pattern that comes in five colorways: Sand, Nut, Grass, Navy and Rust.
Wrangle in Grass. This popular coral pattern comes in five colorways: Sand, Nut, Grass, Navy and Rust
Wouwou in Rust. This sea creature pattern is unique and comes in five colorways: Sand, Nut, Grass, Navy and Rust.

Second Row:
Wrangle in Navy.
Waxing in Sand.
Walkabout in Nut. A great alligator pattern that comes in five colorways: Sand, Nut, Grass, Navy and Rust.

Third row:
Walkabout in Rust.
Wouwou in Nut.
Waxing in Grass.

Fourth row:
Waxing in Navy.
Walkabout in Grass.
Wrangle in Rust.

All fabrics to the trade through Walfab and representative showrooms.

Mar 17, 2011

Fonthill Printed Fabrics by Stark Carpet

We love these two fabrics from Fonthill! These colorful linen/cotton prints pair beautifully in a room and will mix well with other fabrics. Three wonderful colorways in two exquisite prints! Sold through Stark Carpet, to the trade.

Grafton - 55% linen/45% cotton - Brown/Green
Grafton Stripe - 55% linen/45% cotton - Brown/Green

Grafton - 55% linen/45% cotton - Green/Terracotta
Grafton Stripe - 55% linen/45% cotton - Green/Terracotta

Grafton - 55% linen/45% cotton - Blue/Brown
Grafton Stripe - 55% linen/45% cotton - Blue/Brown

Through Stark Carpet to the trade.

Mar 16, 2011

New! From Kravet Couture

Is this not the most beautiful sheer you have seen? This pattern, Beadstring, is a Kravet Couture fabric that is made for drapery use. Beadstring is a rayon/silk blend and fully embroidered as you see here. Made in India for Kravet, shown here in Jewel.

Great new sofas from Kravet below!

This beautifully designed sofa is new from Kravet and is called Swarthmore. Available in 60,000 graded fabrics from Kravet.
Size: 81.25" long x 34.25" deep x 30.5" high.

This modern designed sofa, Sweetwater, is perfect for open spaces. Available in 60,000 graded fabrics from Kravet.
Size: 82" long x 38" deep x 36" high.

All new from Kravet Couture, to the trade.

Mar 15, 2011

Stark Carpets

Five beautiful rooms featuring Stark Carpets!

Carpet: Darius Collection - New Oriental Tibetan 285426C
Designers: Aman and Carson Interiors.

Carpet: Linen Soumak 275770A
Designers: Aman and Carson Interiors.

Carpet: New Oriental Tibetan - Thomas Jayne Collection 275310B
Designer: Thomas Jayne.

Carpet: New Oriental Tibetan - Sherrill Canet Collection 262980A
Wallcovering and fabrics by Stark.

Carpet: New Oriental Tibetan - Sherrill Canet Collection 262984A
Fabrics by Stark.

All carpets by Stark, to the trade.

Mar 14, 2011

Bright Colors for a POP! Robert Allen Fabrics

Need to add POP to your decor? Then this may be the collection from Robert Allen Design that you have been waiting for!

Top to bottom:

Ganito in Noir - A bold stripe in black and white.
Diamas Dot in Tulip - Use for upholstery or as a pop of color for pillows.
Rumba Diamond in Orchid - A neutral with a unique pattern.
Evening Sky in Wicker - A black and white small paisley pattern.
Time For Us in Caviar - Use this floral in a smaller context to make the pop.
Kearstead in Tulip - Use this as your main fabric such as the sofa.

Add this Bovine cowhide to really make it POP!  Great for ottomans, etc. Pattern:  Oberon in Spring.

Use this pale blush, Arcade White, on the walls and then pop with these other colors for an accent wall, furniture or accessories. Great bright colors from Sherwin Williams.

Mar 11, 2011

Neutrals Can Be Beautiful!

Do you want a look like this? Then see our palette of fabrics below that can help you achieve the natural and textured look like this room from Veranda magazine.

The main fabric shown here is Sea Urchins in Sand. This unique pattern has embroidered shells over a neutral background with a high durability rating. Perfect for the beach house! All fabrics by Robert Allen.

Fabrics left to right:
Sea Urchins in Sand - A rayon/cotton blend.
Grannys Quilt in Sand - A textured stripe.
Top right: Corn maize in Sand - A geometric texture.
Lower right: Diamond Cable in Sand - A solid texture with a high durability rating.
Right corner: Panel Weave in Raffia - A 100% polyester weave that feels like linen.
Trim:  This trim, Rustica Brush, is shown here in a neutral colorway called Sesame. This 2" long brush fringe also comes in ten other colorways. Courtesy of Robert Allen Design.

Neutral paints that completes the look. Use Navajo White as your main color and enhance with the darker tones. Paint by Sherwin Williams.

Mar 10, 2011

Ironware International - OO LA LA

New offerings from Ironware International:

All hand made and hand finished in a large selection of different finishes.
Left to right:
"Emilee" - 12" diameter, 4 lights.
"Eden" - 21" diameter, 6 lights.
"Diandra" - 15" diameter, 4 lights.

All of these items are available through Ironware International. To the Trade.