Dec 30, 2010

Modern Fabrics With Color and Texture

Modern can be fun too! This collection, Playful Modern, brings pattern and color to the more modern room with choices of texture and a mixture of color that works well together. All fabrics are from Robert Allen and pair with the paint from Sherwin Williams below. How easy is that!!

Fabric top left:  Orvis in Hydrangea
From top right:  Layered Dots in Terrain
                        Ludwell in Leaf
                        Parking Lot in Hydrangea
                        Eye Catching in Terrain
Main floral fabric:  Balihi in Terrain

Balihi is an example of a colorful floral with a modern flair. This fabric is a cotton/polyester blend with durability for high traffic areas.

Paint from Sherwin Williams that pairs with the fabrics above. All done for you!

Dec 29, 2010

Designer Showhouse

This is part 2 of our photos from The Setai Fifth Avenue in New York City. The rooms are based on inspirations from classic films that were set in New York. Below are some of our favorite rooms from the "Wall Street" film.

This office was designed by Richard Hallberg for Veranda Magazine. Notice the accessories and details on the shelving.  Get ideas from this accessory arrangement! Notice how the shelves pop on the darker wall. The faux animal rug completes the overall design.

This beautiful living room was designed by Richard Hallberg for Veranda magazine. The dark armoire becomes the feature in this white room.

More drama with the white and black theme with a dining room that has modern and traditional elements. Designed by Richard Hallberg for Veranda Magazine.

Thanks to Veranda Magazine and photographer Laurie Fenton.
The show house was presented by Hearst Magazines in partnership with Bizzi & Partners, developer of The Setai Fifth Avenue.

Dec 28, 2010

Wallpapers For Children; Featuring Zagazoo

This collection of wallpapers from Zagazoo is perfect for your child's room with beautiful bright colors and unique patterns. See Zagazoo's 2010 collection below.

Cockatoos - This beautiful paper features comical and colorful birds mixed in with jungle leaves. Five colorways featuring colorway 05 here. Below is colorway 01.

Cockatoos - Colorway 01.

Quentin's Menagerie - This menagerie of animals features farmyard animals along with playful dogs. This is colorway 01, comes in four other colorways.

Skateboarders - This unique wallpapers features girls and boys showing off their skills while flapping birds run for cover. This is colorway 01, comes in two other colorways.

Butterfly Meadow - Bugs and butterflies are placed in between silhouetted foliage. This is colorway 03, three other colorways available. Bed fabric: Alphabet Tales.

Quentin's ABC - A wallpaper with the feeling of a school room. This is colorway 01, comes in four other colorways including a unique subtle gray. Window fabric: All Join In.

All photos courtesy of Osborne and Little. If you are visiting London, visit their retail store on King's Road. You won't be sorry!

Dec 27, 2010

Electic and Modern Fabrics!

Are you an Eclectic Modern? Then this palette of fabrics and paint is for you. Bright colors with unique patterns for designing the perfect room!

This selection of fabrics from Robert Allen sizzles with bright colors on modern fabrics. Pair these with the right paint and your room is complete.

Fabrics from top left:
Carlton in Willow
Rainbow Stripe in Terrain
Myaki Trellis in Wicker
Spotted Coat in Terrain
Main fabric: Fall Flowers in Wicker
Fabric on right: Sterling Lines (sheer) in Natural
Trim: Rustica Lattice in Sepia

Here is a better view of our main fabric, Fall Flowers. A modern print on 100% cotton in only this colorway. The background is white as seen in the first photo.

Paint choices below!

The right paint will complete the job! Paint from Sherwin Williams and fabrics from Robert Allen.

Dec 23, 2010

New York's Designer Showhouse!

We were lucky enough to be invited for a private tour of one of the top show houses from a new luxury condominium residence on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The rooms are designed based on inspirations from classic films that were set in New York. Below are some of our favorite rooms from the "Six Degrees of Separation" film.

This beautiful kitchen is modern but with traditional warm wood tones to create the perfect look for this home.
Designed by Steven Gambrel for Town and Country Magazine.

This colorful living room is an open design featuring modern and traditional elements. Designed by Steven Gambrel for Town and Country Magazine.

Master bath designed by Steven Gambrel for Town and Country magazine. A modern bath with beautiful floor to ceiling tile!

Thanks to Town and Country Magazine and photographer Jill Slater.

Dec 22, 2010

Hickory White's Demilune Table

A favorite from Hickory White furniture!

This beautiful demilune table is one of my favorite pieces from Hickory White Furniture because of its versatility. Use alone as a console or hall table or use two to make a round dining table. The size is 48" long x 24" deep at the widest point x 30" high. When paired it creates a 48" diameter dining table. The best part is you can have this piece finished in any of their many custom finishes! Finish seen here:  #38 Washed Stone Base with #31 Driftwood Top.

Another view! This shows the same demilune table being used as a set of two to create a 48" round dining table. Pair it with Hickory White's Anthology Chairs for a complete look.
Notice the chandelier! Purchase it at The Designer Insider!

Chandelier in photo available at The Designer Insider:

C09745 Classic Iron Chandelier
Six lights on an elongated styled chandelier! Graceful curves in all wrought iron in an oval shape that is perfect for dining in a dark charcoal finish. Goes well with other finishes. Size: 44" long x 35" high x 20" front to back.

Dec 21, 2010

Bold and Graphic Fabrics!

Go bold and graphic! This collection from Robert Allen Fabrics will enhance any modern interior with these bold and colorful designs.

Fabrics from the top:
Baby Cheetah in Pool
Jumbo Leaves in Chambray
Carlton in Royal
Filamena in Kiwi
Mini Puffing in Wicker
Main fabric: Canoga in Terrain

Our main fabric, Canoga, is a beautiful bright stripe in a durable viscose and cotton. Great fabric performance with 30,000 double rubs for maximum wear. This beautiful fabric comes in 13 colorways!

Use these bright paint colors to bring out the great tones in your fabrics. Use Dazzle for a definite modern palette and as your main wall color and use the Dragon Fruit as an accent wall or nearby powder room. Bring in the Overt Green and Extra White in your kitchen to complete the look. All paints from Sherwin Williams.

Dec 20, 2010

Design 101: Mixing Furniture Styles

This beautiful dining room is a setting from Hickory White Furniture. This company is one of my favorites due to their vast selection of furniture at affordable prices. Many finishes are available on just about every piece and you can always be assured of the best quality. When choosing dining room furniture, mix your styles like you see here. The painted chairs just make the stained table even more beautiful and more noticeable in this room. The pairing of a more modern hutch completes the look. Steal this idea!
Below is the information on the furniture and the chandelier. The chandelier can be purchased at The Designer Insider.

Oval Traditional Dining Table: This beautiful table is the Oval Dining Table from the Anthology Collection. It extends up to 118" long and is 42" wide. Without the extra leaves it is 70" long. This table is available in all the custom finishes and is shown here in #31 Driftwood.

Distressed Painted Dining Chairs: This side chair is from the Anthology Collection. A beautiful wood chair available in all their custom finishes. The distressed finish you see here is #39 Textured Stone.

Modern Display Cabinet: This beautiful display cabinet is also from the Anthology Collection and has a modern look with a traditional feel. It is available in all custom finishes and is shown here in a two toned look. Shown in #31 Driftwood finish with a #34 Washed Linen interior. Below is a photo of this cabinet in another interior finish.

The same hutch is shown here with a different interior finish and in a living room setting.

Chandelier: Purchase from The Designer Insider. This distressed wood chandelier comes in four sizes with the small size shown here. Available in large (12 lights), medium (9 lights), small (6 lights) and petite (4 lights). Also available in a wall sconce. The small size shown here is still a large chandelier at 41" across x 29" high.
Finish: Distressed carved wood in a distressed dark gold.

Photos courtesy of Hickory White Furniture.

Dec 17, 2010

"Designer Visions" Show House

We were lucky enough to be invited for a private tour of one of the top show houses from a new luxury condominium residence, The Setai Fifth Avenue in New York City. The rooms are designed based on inspirations from classic films that were set in New York. Below are some of our favorite rooms from the "Something's Gotta Give" film.

This dining room was designed by Phoebe Howard for House Beautiful. Use this as a guide in designing your own dining room. Two styles of chairs, modern drum shaded chandelier, traditional drapes and a traditional table.

An office setting designed by Phoebe Howard for House Beautiful Magazine. What a view! Notice the beautiful patterned fabric on the traditional chairs mixed with modern accessories and desk.

This setting was designed by Phoebe Howard for House Beautiful. Copy this wall arrangement for you own home! Beautiful painted wood walls enhances the look of the black and white art.

Thanks to House Beautiful and photographer Francesco Lagnese.
The show house was presented by Hearst Magazines in partnership with Bizzi & Partners, developer of The Setai Fifth Avenue.

Dec 16, 2010

Need an Aztec Influence?

Get this look!  A beautiful and comfortable room from House Beautiful. Use our fabrics and palettes below to get a look like this in your own home.

Robert Allen Fabrics:

Main fabric: Aztec Symbol in Saddle
From top:
Orvis in Caramel
Panel Weave in Sand
Corn Maize in Teak
Camp Evergreen (stripe) in Horizon
Moose Lodge in Horizon
Trim: Oliveto in Chestnut and Rustica Tassel in Nugget.

These fabrics from Robert Allen are from the Country Cabin collection and are the Aztec Influence Group. Pair with the paint below for a complete look already done for you!

Fabrics from Robert Allen are to the trade. Paint courtesy of Sherwin Williams.

Dec 15, 2010

Recycled Steel Furniture

The unique furniture below from Perry Design is produced from environmentally sound and recycled steel to create beauty that will last forever. All hand made sculptured steel furniture with hand applied finishes in copper, gold, silver, bronze or variations. Custom colors and sizes are also available. Sold through Walter's Wicker, to the trade.

Oval Nagato Dining Table - 96" long x 45" wide x 30" high or custom sizing.

Parsons Coffee Table - 36" square or 48" square, 18 " high or custom sizing.

Sapporo Fireplace Surround - 73" wide x 50" high or custom sizing.

Anasazi End Table - 26" diameter x 22" high or custom sizing.

To the trade through Walter's Wicker by Perry Design.

Dec 14, 2010

Robert Allen Fabrics and Matching Paint Palettes!

This beautiful group of fabrics from Robert Allen is Chinoiserie Modern which brings a traditional base fabric to the forefront with the addition of more modern coordinates. Pair this with the right Sherwin Williams paint and you have an instant gorgeous decor!

Fabric from the top right:
Modest Plush in Terrain
Ballinbogle in Pearl
Color Lines in Tulip
Amazing Maze in Tulip
Pastel Check in Tulip
Main fabric: Geisha Girl in Tulip

Great paint choices to complete your look:

 All fabrics to the trade through Robert Allen. Paint from Sherwin Williams.

Dec 13, 2010

The World's Most Beautiful Fabrics!

London's specialty designers, Beaumont and Fletcher, has just launched in the US with an extraordinary new range of fabrics. This includes their hand embroidered textiles that are considered by many to be "the world's most beautiful fabrics".  See for yourself!

Collection: Couture 2
Pattern: Zola
Colorways: Royal Blue (seen here), Russet and Antique Green Gold.
This gorgeous fabric is hand embroidered on 100% silk with antiqued silver and gilt threads. Width is 49" and the repeat is 35 inches.

Collection: Couture 4
Pattern: Tosca
Colorway: Limestone
This 100% silk fabric has an ethereal feel with its crystal and seed pearl hand embroidery. An Egyptian revival style from the art deco period. Width of 54" and a 20" repeat.

Collection: Couture 3
Pattern: Elektra
Colorway: Black Satin
This beautiful fabric has an art deco influence with fine hand sewn beadwork in a linear pattern. All 100% silk with a 54" width and 9" repeat.

Collection: Couture 2
Pattern: Moliere
Colorways: Cinnamon (seen here), Ash, Ivory or Jade.
This beautiful fabric is 100% polyester and is a faux suede with antiqued silver and gilt thread. All hand embroidered. Width is 58" with a 61" repeat.

Collection: Sheridan
Pattern: Figaro
Colorways: Agate (seen here), Aqua, Canvas, Conch Shell or Firebrick.
This beautiful fabric is 100% silk and is flocked. The fabric is 54" wide and the repeat is large at 35".

Collection: Sheridan
Pattern: Capolin
Colorways: Rust (seen here), Pewter, Brick Red or Bronze.
This unique fabric is 100% linen that has a damask pattern. Then the fabric is pleated for a unique and beautiful look. Width is 55" and it has a 25" repeat.

Beaumont and Fletcher sells around the world including now in the USA. Sold in Atlanta through J Nelson. To the Trade.

Dec 10, 2010

Robert Allen's Country Cabin: American Lodge Collection

Another great collection of coordinating fabrics from Robert Allen! Pair these fabrics with the right paint from Sherwin Williams and you have a great decor.

Main background fabric: Cabin Creek in Earth

Fabric from top left:
Camp Evergreen in Earth
Tahoma in Lake
Chuleta in Flame
Diamond Cable in Clay
Trim: Oliveto in Azure

Matching paint scheme from Sherwin Williams:

Decor done right! Sherwin Williams and Robert Allens American Lodge Collection.
All photos courtesy of Robert Allen.

Dec 8, 2010

Robert Allen's Tropical Twist Collection

These beautiful fabrics are from Robert Allen Design and are paired below with Sherwin Williams Paint. This tropical collection, Tropical Twist, is bright and colorful for that true island feel. All of the work is done for you, so get started!

From the top:

Ramalah in Mimosa.  Comes in four colorways.
Ludwell in Leaf.  Comes in four colorways.
Nick Nack in Papaya.  Comes in two colorways.
Glowing Stripe in Leaf.  Comes in three colorways.
Bastrop in Hibiscus.  Comes in four colorways.
Main fabric:  Rowlily in Palm Beach ( See another view below!). Comes in two other colorways.

Paint Palette:

All photos courtesy of Robert Allen and Sherwin Williams.