Nov 30, 2010

Celerie Kemble and F Schumacher: Matching Fabrics!

One of our most downloaded photos is this one below from the fabric collection of Celerie Kemble that is sold through Schumacher. We love these fabrics and decided to show you the same fabrics in another colorway! A great example on how to combine fabrics to get the maximum impact and look in your room.

Mineral Colorway:

Mineral colorway - Hot House Flowers in Mineral; Bleecker in Twilight; Betwixt in Charcoal/Ecru; Glimmer in Mineral.

Spark Colorway:

The floral fabric is Hot House Flowers in Spark. The fabric is 100% linen with a large tropical botanical motif.

The top geometric fabric is Bleecker in Spark. Clean lines with a beaded pattern on 100% linen.

The small pattern on the bottom is Betwixt in Peacock/Seaglass. A woven textured fabric on 100% cotton. A best seller!

 The Glimmer fabric that goes with this group is color Spark or Peacock (see below).

 All photos courtesy of F Schumacher fabrics and The Designer Insider.

Nov 29, 2010

Where Do You See Our Products? Designer Rooms Like These!

This beautiful dining room was designed by Phoebe Howard. Our burlap chandelier takes center stage in this dining room and enhances the beauty of the furniture. See more information on this beauty below!

Rectangular Burlap Pendant - This unique rectangular shape has a wrought iron framework in black and then is covered in natural burlap. A rectangular shape with rounded ends gives a post industrial feel that is accentuated with a natural burlap fabric that is used as a diffuser. The black iron is a nice contrast to the burlap material. This chandelier styled pendant is open on the bottom for maximum light. The iron grill above the shade adds another design element to the fixture. The four chains connect to the canopy plate that connects to the ceiling. Size: 44" long x 20" deep from front to back, 17" high from bottom of shade to top of grill work. The four chains are 68" high. There are three lights at 60w maximum each for plenty of light. All of the three lights are covered with a glass shade inside the pendant.

Great Solid Fabrics from Clarke and Clarke!

These great fabrics will pair with your own decorative fabrics as a "solid" alternative. Bring another shot of color into your rooms with solid choices for pillows, draperies and upholstery.

Anaconda Fabric:
This unique fabric is made of polyester and acrylic which is durable enough to be used for contract applications. Anaconda comes in 15 different colors with Peacock seen here.

Anaconda Fabric in pillows.

Fenton Fabric:
This fabric is sophisticated with a strie effect in an irregular ottoman weave with a slight sheen. Suitable for many uses in 19 beautiful colors.

Fenton Fabric in pillows.

Lorenza Fabric:
This is a heavy weight fabric that is suitable for draperies or upholstery. Made from twisted chenille and boucle yarns of different colors in a soft fabric that is a perfect partner in 25 beautiful colors.

Lorenza Fabric in pillows.

All photos courtesy of Clarke and Clarke Fabrics. To the trade.

Nov 26, 2010

Clarke and Clarke Papers

Modern choices for wallpaper from Clarke and Clarke:

Wallpaper: Lamps shown here in Nickel. Comes in three colorways. Also available in flocked.

Wallpaper: Kasbah shown here in Damson. Comes in eight colorways.

Wallpaper: Bravo shown here in Black/White. Comes in eight colorways.

Wallpaper: Ornella Flock shown here in Espresso. Comes in three colorways. Also comes without flocking.

All photos courtesy of Clarke and Clarke. To the trade.

Nov 24, 2010

Benjamin Moore's Color Predictions for 2012!

Benjamin Moore released their new color predictions for 2012. The new palette is influenced by a cultural wave focused on preservation. Richer and more traditional hues are layered and accented with neutrals that are reflective of the grays and browns that have been popular the last few years. Below are selections from the four groups that form from the primary palettes.

From top: Candy Cane Red, Orange and Potpourri.

Top to bottom: Old Glory, Palm Coast Teal, Serenata, Deep Ocean, Mysterious.

Top to bottom:  Fresh Scent Green, Harbour Town, Winchester Sage, Pear Green and Dark Olive.

Top to bottom: Baby Chick, Buttercream Pearl, Hollywood Gold, Tumeric and Metallic Gold.

These are just some of the examples from the 52 colors selected. Visit Benjamin Moore for more information.

Nov 23, 2010

Kravet Couture Fabrics

This is a favorite fabric of mine due to the beauty of the washed linen along with the unique print. This pattern is traditional with a new modern flair in the overall colors and printed design. The pattern, Teablossom, is a Kravet Couture fabric and is available "to the trade". Contact your designer for more information on this beautiful fabric!

Color: Lacquer #319.

Color: Yangtze #135.

Color: Festival #315.

Teablossom Specs: Printed on 100% linen then washed for a great finish. Extra large repeat of 47" x 58". Multipurpose fabric made in Austria.
All photos courtesy of Kravet. To the trade.

Nov 22, 2010

Clarke and Clarke Fabrics: Fresco Collection

Fresco Collection from Clarke and Clarke:

Fresco Collection:
This is a beautiful collection of lighter colored fabrics all in cotton with modern designs.
Drapery: Francesca in Berry. Other colors: Charcoal, Duckegg, Eau De Nil, Lime, Spice.
Chair in forefront: Angelo in Berry. Other colors: Charcoal, Eau De Nil, Lime, Mocha, Spice.
Pillows on left: Angelo in Berry. Raphael in Berry. Raphael also comes in Charcoal, Duckegg, Eau De Nil, Lime, Spice.
Circle pillow on right: Trentino in Berry. Other colors: Azure, Charcoal, Chocolate, Lime.
Examples below of Sabina, Raphael and Bellini.

Sabina in Lime. Other colors: Berry, Charcoal, Duckegg, Eau De Nil, Spice.

 Bellini in Lime. Other colors: Berry, Charcoal, Duckegg, Eau De Nil, Spice.

 Raphael in Lime. Other colors: Berry, Charcoal, Duckegg, Eau De Nil, Spice.

All photos courtesy of Clarke and Clarke Fabrics. To the trade.

Nov 20, 2010

Decorating With Wool?

Sartorial Wools
These beautiful pure wool fabrics are from Clarke and Clarke Fabrics. This collection features a tailored check, pinstripe, dogtooth, Oxford stripe design and plain flannel. Superbly soft with a durable performance that makes it suitable for drapes, pillows, throws, upholstery and contract furnishings.

Sofa: Flannel in Chocolate. Pillows from left to right: Tailored Check, Savile, Blazer, Houndstooth and Pinstripe all in Chocolate/Magenta.

Pillows in Chocolate/Magenta.

Savile in Natural, Flannel in Chocolate, Tailored Check in Natural.

Patterns available:
Blazer in six colorways: Charcoal, Chocolate/Magenta, Chocolate/Turquoise, Natural, Natural/Sky, Slate/Damson.
Flannel in four colorways: Charcoal, Chocolate, Natural, Slate.
Houndstooth in seven colorways: Charcoal, Chocolate, Chocolate/Magenta, Chocolate/Turquoise, Natural, Natural/Sky, Slate/Damson.
Pinstripe in five colorways: Charcoal, Chocolate, Chocolate/Magenta, Natural, Slate.
Saville in six colorways: Charcoal, Chocolate/Magenta, Natural, Chocolate/Turquoise, Natural/Sky, Slate/Damson.
Tailored Check in five colorways: Charcoal, Chocolate/Turquoise, Chocolate/Magenta, Natural, Slate/Damson.

All photos courtesy of Clarke and Clarke Fabrics. To the trade.

Nov 19, 2010

Modern Holdbacks from Samuel and Sons!

Samuel and Sons defines the new modern interiors with unique modern style holdbacks that will add extra beauty to your draperies. We are showing some of the newest selections below, check with your designer for more. To the trade.

From left:
Zanzibar - Minimal and modern in matte silver or gold metal.
Argana - Tubular links with leather in polished silver or polished gold (seen here).
Stonehenge - Hand cut circular rings bound in brown leather in soft burnished brass.
Zanzibar - repeated.
Calder - Hand cut shapes attached with metal rings in brushed silver-pewter tone.
Argana - repeated.

Zanzibar in Gold Metal.

Argana in Polished Silver. Border is Ajoure in Flax.

Stonehenge in Brass with leather. Border on drape edge is Pleated Barchan Border in Saddle.

This holdback is Martinique made from ground coconut shells using multiple strands. It comes in six colorways with Ebony shown here. Other colors: Antique, Bark, Seed, Patina and Petal.

This is another view of Martinique shown here in Patina.

All of the photos are courtesy of Samuel and Sons. Check with your designer for more details or contact us. To the trade.

Nov 17, 2010

Spotlight on Marvic Textiles!

Marvic Textiles of London has been family owned since their founding in 1938. They produce beautiful and distinctive fabrics from contemporary to traditional.  If you are ever in London, you can view their collection at the Chelsea Harbour Design Center. Below are examples of the range of fabrics they offer, to the trade.

Fabric: Charon.

Drapery: Clematis.  Lining: Ripple.  Chair: Khaipur.  Cushion: Rye.

Fabric panel: La Balancoire.  Cushion and chair: Ritz.

Beautiful cut velvets in three different patterns from top: Voyager Stripe; Galaxy; Bayar.

See more beautiful fabrics at their site, Marvic Textiles. All photos courtesy of Marvic Textiles.

Nov 16, 2010

Choosing White Paint - Part 4

This is our last edition on "white paint" from Farrow and Ball. This group of colors are considered to be "warm reds" that create a relaxing and warm atmosphere. Visit the Farrow and Ball website for more choices and ideas. They do all the hard work for you!

Pointing - The most popular color with Farrow and Ball. Named after lime pointing used in traditional brick work. Matches well with just about any color including All White, Wimborne White, Tallow, Ringwold Ground, Sand and Dutch Pink.

Joa's White - This warm color is darker than Off-White but does not have the coolness or greenish nature of the same. Matches well with Archive, Dimity, Pointing, London Stone, Archive, London Clay and Pelt.

Archive - This color is normally seen as a buff and not an off-white unless used with strong and darker colors. Matches well with Dimity, Joa's White, Pointing, London Stone, Dead Salmon, London Clay and Tanner's Brown.

Dimity - This warm color is a great wall color when used with All White and Pointing for the trim and ceiling. Matches well also with Joa's White, Archive, Dutch Pink and Red Earth.

All photos courtesy of Farrow and Ball.

Nov 15, 2010

Coordinating Fabrics From Cowtan and Tout!

Learn how to coordinate your own fabric selections by following the examples here by Cowtan and Tout. Mix textures and patterns to create the designer look. The fabrics below are new from Cowtan and Tout. To the trade.

Pillows from top: Shiraz, Bistro and Ponti. Chair from McGuire is upholstered in Paradiso.

Pillows from left: Mediterraneo, Cabo Stripe and Weldon. Ottoman fabric: Lowell.

Pillows: Tabriz and Bistro.  Lowell on ottoman.

Drapes: Aegean Stripe.  Pillows: Monte Carlo.  Chair: Michael Berman LTD chair.  Fabric on chair: Campanile.  Rug: Stark Carpet.

Drapes: Mosaic Linen.  Pillows: Capri and Weldon.  Chair fabric: Lynx.

All photos courtesy of Cowtan and Tout. Visit their website for more beautiful fabrics.

Nov 11, 2010

Choosing White Paint - Part 3

This is our third addition on choosing white paint! Farrow and Ball does all of the hard work for you when choosing colors. Below are four more wonderful choices from this great paint company! This group includes "cool greys" that work well in contemporary settings but with a slight warm feel.

Elephant's Breath - This is one of the most popular colors from Farrow and Ball. A great color to use as a feeling for "stone". The photo depicts this color on the far wall. This color matches well with Cornforth White, Slipper Satin, Strong White, All White, Charleston Gray and Pelt.

Skimming Stone - This is a versatile white without common undertones of green or yellow. The word skimming refers to its original use in the 19th century as a whitewash or skim color. This color matches well with Elephant's Breath, Strong White, Wimborne White, Charleston Gray, London Clay and Dead Salmon.

Strong White - This is a bright and clean white when used with darker colors. This color matches well with Pointing, All White, Wimborne White, Elephant's Breath, Charleston Gray and London Clay.

Wimborne White - This color works well with All White and Pointing. Named after a historic Dorset town. Works well with New White, All White, Strong White, Clunch, Old White, Bone, Off Black and Studio Green.

All photos courtesy of Farrow and Ball. See more at their website!