Sep 30, 2010

Decorating Ideas: Mixing Styles

This is a great hall display featured at Webb Marsteller in Atlanta. A modern console with modern chairs, modern lamps, traditional accessories and traditional mirrors. Mixing styles gives your space the spark it needs. Add a great piece of modern art on transitional wallpaper and there you have it!

Styles of modern and traditional makes this space unique. The traditional furniture is mixed with modern fabrics, a traditional side table with modern accessories, a salvaged wood cocktail table with modern accessories all sitting on a neutral rug and modern art to pull it all together. Try some of these ideas in your own home. See a closeup of the cocktail table below!  Sorry, already sold!

Webb Marsteller sells off the floor to the trade.

Sep 29, 2010

Mount Vernon Fabrics: Fabricut Collections

We are featuring the Mount Vernon Collection that is available through Fabricut. This beautiful collection features patterns from archives from the historic home of Mount Vernon. Here is just a sampling below.

Fabrics from top to bottom:

Parlor - Color: Harvest - This fabric is cotton with rayon embroidery. Very useful for bedding and draperies. A medium scaled print in a beautiful orange/spice color. It comes in 9 other colorways.

Arbor - Color: Plantation - This fabric is a large floral of 100% cotton. It is soil and stain repellent and comes in four other colorways.

Westmoreland - Color: Cameo - This fabric is a woven jacquard of viscose and polyester with a large scale design. This fabric can be used for upholstery and comes in 8 other colorways.

Lady Washington - Color: Mansion - This is a beautiful silk fabric with rayon embroidery with a large repeat. It comes in five other colorways.

Mount Vernon - Color: Gardens - This beautiful pattern is features a scene of the Mt. Vernon plantation and gardens. This fabric is a cotton/acrylic/polyester blend and has a medium repeat. It comes in one other colorway that features a darker blue sky background.

Back chair on left:  Fall harvest - Color: Potomac. This fabric is a floral jacquard in a woven fabric of polyester, cotton and viscose. It comes in 6 other colorways.

Chair on right:   Americas Home - Color: Glass. This fabric is a woven stripe of rayon and polyester. Comes in 8 other colorways.

Front Chair:   Westmoreland - Color: Glass. This fabric is a floral jacquard of viscose and polyester. It comes in 8 other colorways.

Contact your designer for more information. To the trade.

Sep 28, 2010

Robert Allen Fabrics Pairs With Dwell Studio!

Robert Allen Fabrics and Dwell Studio are now paired together to bring you luxurious fabrics in modern prints and wovens in an updated color palette. This new collection adds another dimension of contemporary fabrics to the Robert Allen family.

This photograph shows some of this new collection on the Carnegie Dining Chairs from the Roommates Collection from Robert Allen. You have a choice of finishes, fabrics and styles of chairs from this collection.

Fabrics from left to right:
Plush Dotscape in Peacock - A viscose/polyester blend.
Vintage Plumes in Camel - A linen/cotton blend.
Gate in Citrine - A linen/cotton blend.
Snake Chain in Brindle - In 100% linen.

Above is the Dwell Studio Eclectic Modern Fabric Collection.  Available through Robert Allen Fabrics.

Sep 27, 2010

Eric Cohler Carpets from Lee Jofa

These beautiful designer carpets are Eric Cohler designs sold through Lee Jofa. There are an infinite number of color combinations available within the 360 colors available from their palette. Carpet designs from modern to traditional with a unique flair!

Pattern: Arial - Hand woven in a flatweave with mixed texture in 100% wool.

Pattern: Cite - Hand knotted 100 knot count wool and silk.

Pattern: Drottingham - Hand woven in a flat weave with a mixed texture in 100% wool.

Pattern: Hound and Check - Hand knotted in 100 knot count in 50% high twisted wool and 50% silk.

Pattern: Kerry - Hand tufted with 450 weight in 100% semi worsted wool.

Pattern: Odalisque - Hand knotted with 100 knot count in wool and silk.

Pattern: Puzzle Work - Hand woven in a flat weave with 90% silk and 10% wool/cotton ground.

Pattern: Topher - Hand woven in a flat weave and a mixed texture in 100% wool.

Pattern: Xian/Fret - Cross stitch needlepoint and hand tufted pile. Wool 70% with 30% silk.

All carpets are part of the Eric Cohler Collection for Lee Jofa. Contact your designer for more information.

Sep 25, 2010

Decorating 101: Achieving Balance in Decorating

If you prefer balance in your life than you may love balance in your decor too. Achieving balanced settings in your home is one of the easiest way to decorate. Items you choose will have something in common and can are easily be arranged when you buy twos of the things you love. This beautiful room was shown in House Beautiful magazine and is a great display of balance in this long hallway. The furniture is antique and the overall accessories and furnishings complement each other with beauty, balance and warmth. Try it in your own home!

Sep 24, 2010

Hand Printed Fabrics: By Carolina Irving Textiles

Carolina Irving is a former editor of House and Garden magazine. Her dream was to have her own collection of textiles which became a reality in 2006. Her exciting collection is softly colored and hand printed on hemp and linen. I love the combination of prints and colors that she uses as they fit well into many types of decor. She chose fabrics with an aged handmade look with a slightly old appearance. And she never uses beige! See fabrics from her collection below that has been inspired by her travels and her educational background in 17th century Italian art. To the trade.

Pattern: Mimosa Vine: This beautiful pattern features a silhouette of a mimosa vine in a large scale print. Hand printed on 100% hemp. Colorways: Viola, Green, Yellow and Delft (chair fabric).

Pattern: Kandyli - My favorite! This fabric was inspired by a Turkish embroidery with colors that look like they have been faded in the sun. Hand printed on 100% hemp and comes in two colorways. Rose/Blue or Sienna/Olive (pillow fabric). See Rose/Blue below.

Rose/Blue Kandyli.

Pattern: Anadaluz - This is a small pattern that can work almost like a solid. The pattern came from a Moorish vase and is hand printed on 100% hemp. Colorways: Delft, Sepia, Viola, Paprika, Taupe and Lichen (chair fabric).

Pattern: Palermos - This print has a more modern feel with this unique dandelion pattern. Hand printed on 100% hemp from an early 1900"s wallpaper. Colorways: Apple, Mustard, Chestnut and China Blue (pillow fabric).

Pattern: Patmos Stripe - This beautiful faded stripe is softer than most stripes with its washed and faded appearance. Hand printed on 100% hemp. Colorways: Mocha, Parsley, Taupe, Lichen, Indigo (pillow fabric) and Pompeii (pillow fabric).

Pattern: Tamar - This is a great geometric that has been inspired by Persian textiles. Use this a base fabric for other prints. Hand printed on 100% linen. Colorways: Persian Blue, Cinnabar and Basil (pillow fabric).

All photos courtesy of Carolina Irving Textiles. To the trade. Contact us or your designer for more information.

Sep 22, 2010

Painting Your Front Door

Choosing the right color for your front door and exterior elements can make or break the design of your home. Farrow and Ball Paints has helpful suggestions to assist you with making the right decision. Be sure to take into account the style of your home, the facade color, the surface and other elements such as porch railings, etc. The overall view needs to enhance the exterior design of the home. Here are some helpful suggestions below.

Modern Colors:

These two colors can bring a more relaxed and contemporary look to your front door. See the Lichen color above on the exterior gate.

Softer Colors:

These colors look great with stone and stucco facades. The darker Brinjal color can be used to bring a more imposing look to your front door.

Popular Colors:

These four colors are some of the most popular colors for front doors. Any of these would be more elegant in a full gloss finish.

Classic Colors:

These two colors bring a classic feel to the front of your home.

Strong Colors:

These colors look great with red brick and are stronger colors so not to be overwhelmed by strong facades.
See more colors and choices at Farrow and Ball. All photos courtesy of Farrow and Ball Paints.

Character and Sporting Wallpapers

The motto from Lewis and Wood: "In a market saturated with choice, it is crucial to produce things that are different. We were first known for our witty "sporting" and "character" wallpapers, then the 'big prints' on natural fabrics and now the "wide width" wall papers, all designed to bring a lasting pleasure at a fair price."  The company of Lewis and Wood do all of the above very well and last month we showed you some of their large bold prints. This week take a gander at a few of their great Sporting and Character wallpapers!

European Fish - This original illustration and manuscript was taken from a diary of a Victorian gentleman angler. Great for corridors, baths, bars and cloakrooms. Colorways: Just the one you see here.

Print Room - This paper was created from a set of four French engravings which gives you a witty and ideal choice for bathrooms and bedrooms. Colorways: Legume (shown), Salmon, Powder Blue, Buff, Cobalt Blue and Dijon.

Gilpin Horses - This paper features a set of six etchings from 1760 of the working horse by Sawrey Gilpin. He was employed by the Duke of Cumberland to paint portraits of his horses. This paper would be great in back hallway or unique rooms. Colorways: Black (shown), Saddling Brown, Smoke or Tan.

Calligraphy - This is a closeup view of this unique paper which was designed by a master calligrapher. Perfect for halls,corridors and unique areas. Colorways: Lichen (shown), Camel and Medium Black.

Four Seasons - This is a fun wallpaper ideal for a conservatory or garden room. This design is taken from a series of original 18th century prints depicting daily life. Colorways: Just the one color. See a closeup below!

All photos courtesy of Lewis and Wood of the UK. To the Trade.

Sep 20, 2010

Vervain Fabrics: Perfect Coordinates

Fabrics top to bottom:
Camelia in Orchid
Varese in Opal
Camelia in Orchid

Fabrics top to bottom:
Nanette in Cinnamon
Bardelino on Velvet in Rawhide

Fabrics top to bottom:
Palemporia in Persimmon
Valais in Persimmon
Deco in Persimmon

Fabrics top to bottom:
Norfolk in Fuchsia
Cardomon in Fuchsia
Mehndi in Fuchsia

All fabrics from Vervain. Contact us or your designer for more information.

Sep 17, 2010

D'Kei Trim: Beautiful Trim at Great Prices

D'Kei is a favorite trim company due to affordable products with great quality and a wide choice of colors. They have just introduced a new collection of trims with an urban flare that features six new styles including acrylic stones, long wooden beads, flocked cubes and metal orbs. This great collection is called Chicago and is now available.
Other products from D'Kei:  pillow forms, custom tiebacks with custom cord lengths, nailheads, lots of trim choices, furniture legs, tapestries, rugs and drapery hardware. D'kei is a great choice for all your trim needs with 43 different trim boards, see three below.

The new Chicago Collection:

The Natural Collection:

The Wood Bead Collection:

D'Kei sells to the trade and also sells through some fabric store venues. All products courtesy of D'Kei.

Sep 15, 2010

Historic Paints: Mount Vernon Collection!

The Estate of Colors Collection from Fine Paints of Europe were created from the legacy of one of our most historic homes, Mount Vernon. These beautiful hues are inspired directly from the mansion's interiors and period artifacts. The collection has more than 120 colors and can inspire you to create your own home's heritage from rich colors from American history. See a few examples of colors from this collection, how to order a fandeck and how you can apply these beautiful colors to your own home.

Examples of some of these rich colors:

A great place to apply a more unique color is on your own front door. These three examples are here to inspire you!  Photos by Harry Protter for Fine Paints of Europe.

Order your own fandeck of colors from Fine Paints of Europe:

All photos courtesy of Fine Paints of Europe. Bring a little of history into your own home!