Aug 26, 2010

Designer Fabrics: Featuring Camilla David Textiles!

Camilla David Textiles is a wonderful fabric line that depicts fabrics made in 100% cotton and linen that are produced in India. What makes these fabrics so special? The specialized embroidery and printing techniques that produces a product that is not only beautiful but resilient and durable. This unique company has now added coordinates to go with their beautiful embroidered fabrics to make the decorating of your space or project easier and even more appealing. How easy is that!!
I had the pleasure of meeting Camilla this Spring and wanted to showcase these beautiful fabrics and this wonderful family owned company. Your first look at this collection is a feature on four different groups but stay tuned for more coming soon!

Main embroidered fabric:  Nandini in Powder Blue

Coordinates from top to bottom:
Velly in A/Aqua
Twilly in A/Turquoise

Main embroidered fabrics from right to left:
Stepping Stones in Smoke
Gardenia in Smoke

Coordinates from top to bottom:
Satiny in A/Raven
Twilly in Smoke
Cobby in A/Tan
Satiny in B/Rust

Main embroidered fabric: Ballerinas in Turquoise

Coordinates from top to bottom:
Skuddy in B/Mist-Green
Skuddy in A/Turquoise
Linny in A/Indigo

Main embroidered fabric: Rose De Nimes in Dusty Blue

Coordinates from top to bottom:
Belly in A/Papyrus
Coplaid in A/Coffee
Velly in A/Mink

All of these photos were taken at the Camilla David showroom in Atlanta. The top photo is courtesy of Camilla David Textiles. The main fabrics are embroidered with the beautiful patterns you see here. Contact us or your designer for more information.

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