Apr 19, 2010

William Stubbs Decorates With Robert Allen Fabrics!

Renowned interior designer, William Stubbs, was named to Architectural Digest's Top 100 designers and architects in the world. He is host of the TV series, Moment of Luxury. He is currently taping his third season and it airs on public television, check your local station. See below why he is so darn good!!

His own master bedroom with a unique French bed found in Paris. The headboard was upholstered where a mirror once stood. All fabrics by Robert Allen. This is how you mix the textures for an all neutral bedroom! Photo by Bruce Bennett.

This is a luscious bedroom designed for his daughter. There are 28 different fabulous fabrics and trims in the bed coverings, bed hangings, canopy, pillows, upholstery and draperies. All from Robert Allen and Beacon Hill. Photo by Bruce Bennett.

Read more about Bill at Robert Allen's new blog. You can also check out Bill Stubb's website for more inspiration.

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Victoria-Designer said...

The color of the walls and the tile shouldn’t be white, yellow, blue or green. I find that a neutral feel can also be incorporated by opening up the room and letting in natural light. I designed a wood frame with a gauzy, cream fabric stretched across it for light and privacy. The television should be in the southeast corner. An air conditioning vent should be in the western part of the living room. If you’re thinking of adding a fancy chandelier to the room, do not center it but keep it slightly towards the west. A desk can be a great place for paper storage and a computer monitor.