May 31, 2009

Etsy: Great Handmade Home Decor Products! Our Picks For June!

We are featuring great products from This website is a market place for handmade items as well as vintage too. A great place to sell you wares! More information can be found on these products at
Above: Dali's Decals - Great vinyl decals in a large range of colors! Above is the popular "Chandelier".
More from Dali's Decals - Windswept tree.
Kam Lamp Company - Handcrafted pendant from antique floor lamp with new shade.
Naked Decor - Dachsund pillows from the Happy Hot Dog Collection.
Bench and Birdie - Ottomans for kids, 18" diameter x 10" tall.
NY 2 Paris - Great light switch covers that are handcrafted.
Uncommon - Scalloped mirror in powder blue, 18" diameter x 14" wide.
Roger Humbert - Bench made from Lilac and Cherry, 42" long x 36" high.

May 28, 2009

Designer Textiles: Aviva Stanoff's Creations

Aviva Stanoff began her career in textile design by focusing on fashion runway designs. It was six years before she launched her current collection of hand dyed and painted designs. Each item is etched and painted one at a time! The attention to detail and embellishments is exclusive to her studio in Brooklyn and she is known to travel the world for inspiration for her new ideas and collections. You can find out more information on this wonderful designer at her site: Above: Eucalyptus.
Above: Forest
Above: Lemon Leaf
Above: Net
Above: Ostrich
Above: Seafan
Above: Silk Layers

May 26, 2009

Garden Delights!

It is now time to move to the garden! We are now gravitating outdoors and the beautiful products are titillating our senses! We have listed a few great garden styled items for your porch, sun room, patio or garden. Enjoy the view and contact us for information on any of these products. Above: The Garden Lantern has multi-colored flowers on a French white frame. More information at our site under Lighting/Lanterns:

This beautiful screen with a unique garden scene is hand painted on crackled canvas with an antique glaze and mounted on hardback, 72" high x 16"wide for each piece. Check this product out at our website under Accessories:

A beautiful new design from Pierre Frey Fabrics. Les Jardins d'Eyrignac pays homage to a topiary garden in France. Contact us for information on this fabric or for purchasing. Indoor fabric only.
A cute hand painted bluebird for your porch on a iron stand! Size: 23" tall x 16"w x 6"d. Use under a covered porch only. You can find this bluebird under Accessories at
A wonderful garden flower lamp in antique green and white with a linen shade. Check out this lamp at under Lighting.
Wire Chair - A gorgeous wire chair for the garden from the website: Now under our Closeouts!
Vinca - A contemporary floral in nine comfortable colors on a union of cotton and linen. Busby & Busby fabrics from England. Indoor fabric only.

May 24, 2009

Designer Flowers: Jude Miller's "Botanical Sculptures"

Jude Miller began making flowers from paper in the 1990's and her skills evolved into "botanical sculptures". Believe it or not, she develops these designs from crepe paper using her own techniques to get the flower just right. She will even make certain molds so the design will give each flower the feel and look of the original. Other items she uses includes beads, silk organza, colored threads and polymer clay. Jude has been featured in Martha Stewart's Wedding Magazine (as in above, Sally Holmes Rose) along with Traditional Home and others. See below more of her beautiful creations or visit her website: MAGNIFICO!!!!
Silene & Forget-Me-Not - UBS Art Gallery Exhibit.
Flowering Rush - An exhibit from UBS Art Gallery.

A Stem of Rata.
A Stem of Manuka.
Stem of Harakeke.
Indians Lanterns - Islip Art Museum Exhibit.

May 18, 2009

NEW!!! Lighting Fixtures From High Point Market!

Hot off the press!! New chandeliers, pendants and lamps coming soon! These new lighting fixtures are a sneak peek at what was shown at the High Point Market and will be ready to sell by July 1st. Look for these wonderful fixtures on our website this summer for more information. You saw it here first!! Above fixture: Bonfire Wood Chandelier, 32"rd x 34" high. Website:
Devoted Chandelier, 32"rd x 30"high.
Pine Cone Chandelier, 32"rd x 31"high - Wall sconce and two tiered chandelier to match.
Driftwood Chandelier, 24"rd x 27"high.
Roundabout Glass Pendulum, 20"rd x 41"high.
Pendulum Basket Chandelier, 28"rd x 35"high.
Primo Modern Chandelier, 40"rd x 32"high.
Serengeti Chandelier - Wall sconce and lamp to match.
Roundabout Pendant, 13"rd x 14"high.
Tina Pendant, 10"rd x 19"high.
Dream Too Pendant, 13"rd x 11"high.
Wanderlust Pendant, 43"high x 20"rd.

Corsair Table Lamp, 28" high.
Corona Table Lamp, 32" high.
Matchpoint Table Lamp, 28" high.
Windfall Desk Lamp, 23" high.
Chloe Table Lamp, 25" high.
Bolero Desk Lamp, 19" high.
Serengeti Lamp, 35"h - Wall sconce and chandelier to match.
Pine Cone Wall Sconce - Chandeliers to match also.
Rosalind Wall Sconce
Starburst Wall Sconce