Oct 30, 2009

Chairs: Stylish Chairs by Artistic Frame

One of my favorite sources for unusual chairs is Artistic Frame. This is a company that sells "to the trade" and is highly used by top designers. Their specialties are chair frames that can be ordered in a multitude of finishes and to be used with the designer's own choice of fabric. The finish techniques and the quality of the product is unsurpassed in the industry. Below we are highlighting some of these great chair frames shown already finished with fabric and stain and/or paint. Check with your own designer for more from this great company! Above: Klismos Lounge Chair - Inspired by an ancient Greek design with simple lines and a gently curved back. Art Deco Collection.
Jefferson Chair - Adapted from an original high back version from Massachusetts, circa 1790. A Hepplewhite style from the Federal Collection.

Chauchet-Guilleres Chair - A classical deco interpretation from leading French designers of the period. Simple, yet elegant shape from the Regency Collection
Louis XVI Chair -This revival chair has a standard cane back and seat with a loose down cushion with a neoclassical motif. Traditional Collection.
Monarque Chair - This chair reflects Louis XIV's ardor for the magnificent baroque style of its day. French Collection.

Scroll Chair - Inspired from a chair by Robert Adam, circa 1765. The upholstery simplifies the chair's appealing curves. Transitional Collection.

Dupas Chair - France was dominated by tapestry covered chairs similar to this style in modern 20th century decor. Modern Collection.

All of the above chairs can be purchased through your designer from Artistic Frames. Check at their website for more great styles and inspiration!

Oct 28, 2009

Real or Fake? Take The Leather Test! Designer Products For Any Home!

Real or fake? Here is the test. Scroll down through the products and see if you know whether they are real leather or fake. Then see the descriptions at the end of the article for the answers. All of these products are top sellers and are beautiful in fake leather or real leather. You may find out more information on each at The Designer Insider website. Just search with the item number you see here. Have fun! Above: GJLU172.



More information: The Designer Insider website. Just search with the number you see here for pricing and description information.


GJLU172 - Beautiful distressed leather ottoman in dark brown.
GV880991 - Dark brown leather beveled mirror with stud detail.
GV880634 - Gorgeous leather boxes in green or pumpkin.
UT23008 - Large round storage ottoman in brown faux leather.
GJ125 - Leather business bag made from full grain, not pieces.
GV880997 - White patent leather mirror with decorative studs.
GV991150 - Modern umbrella stand in red leather or black.
UT23024 - Faux leather ottoman with storage in unique round shape.
GV990933 - Iron scroll bench with leather seat.
GV880994 - Bright green leather beveled mirror with decorative studs.
GJ68 - Leather gladstone bag made from full grain leather, not pieces.
UT23005 - Faux leather square storage ottoman in dark brown.

Oct 26, 2009

Anna French: Designer Fabrics With Glamour!

I first fell in love with the Anna French Collection when I traveled to London for the first time. The freedom to walk down King's Road and visit all the fabric stores that were unattainable in the States was too much fun to bear! I visited the Anna French store and purchased hand made pillows in some of her glorious fabrics. Well, it has now been twenty years since that wonderful day and I still love the patterns of wallcoverings and fabrics that make Anna French famous! Anna began her company in 1976 and has never looked back. She began with her lace collection which we have two samples of below. Her business really took off when she introduced her children's collection in 1994. Look for more information on this great line coming soon! In 2007, Anna French teamed with Thibaut to benefit from their business expertise while continuing the creativity of a small firm. Enjoy the fabrics and wallcoverings we are highlighting from her great collections and let us know about those you love! Above: The chaise is upholstered in Velvet Jacquards "Pink" fabric.
This Velvet Jacquard wallcovering is in the Gold-Flock colorway and matches the Velvet Jacquard fabrics. Nine colorways are available.
This wallcovering is shown in the brown/gold colorway and comes in 9 patterns and colors. Matches the fabric collection of Velvet Jacquards.

This wallpaper pattern in the Wild Flora collection is "Songbirds". Unique and colorful in 7 different colorways.
The fabric pattern shown is Palm Tree. It comes in Natural or Red, as shown. The fabric is a linen/cotton blend and is a gorgeous pattern to make a focal point in your room.
This wallcovering is called Spot! The above is in the color Gold, three other colorways available. Simple yet elegant!
This lace pattern, "Songbirds", has a Victorian feel. Matches the songbird wallcovering in the Wild Flora collection.
Part of the Anna French lace collection, this pattern "Daisy Madras" is perfect for a child's room! I love the petite daisy throughout this lace.
This beautiful wallcovering pattern is shown in the gold/silver on off white. So glam! This pattern is called "Wisteria" and comes in 10 colors.

All fabrics and wallcoverings can be purchased through The Designer Insider, send for a sample before purchasing! Email: TheSource@numail.org.

Oct 18, 2009

Paint Color Help! Farrow & Ball Color Predictions - Part Four

This is our last palette from Farrow & Ball and is definitely one of the most vibrant and interesting mixes! Go to their website and let all the colors inspire you to make your own palette or to just let Farrow & Ball do it for you! Click on each individual color and you will be given other coordinating colors that you can add to this palette. How easy is that! Be sure to check the other palettes from earlier in the week and find what works for you.

Urban Decay Palette - This is a vibrant scheme, bold and graphic, influenced by the global economy. Colors with an urban edge for a theatrical look that makes a real statement. Add full gloss to colors such as Arsenic and Dayroom Yellow for added impact and an ultimate visual twist!
Top Row: Arsenic/Dayroom Yellow
Second Row: Pelt/Great White
Third Row: Oval Room Blue/Pitch Black
Last Row: Parma Gray

Thanks to Farrow & Ball for the color photos and for having a great website with lots of tips and ideas!

Oct 17, 2009

Paint Color Help: Farrow & Ball Color Predictions - Part 3

This is part three of our series from Farrow and Ball's new color predictions. This is the industrial palette that creates a contemporary scheme. Go to the Farrow and Ball site and click on any of the colors below and other coordinating colors will be available too. You can double your color choices just for one project! Be sure to check our other schemes and stay tuned for Part 4!

Industrial Palette - This unique blending of colors is inspired by industrial architecture where the old and new are combined. Modernity meets traditional in this palette of muted tones that mimics earthy shades and natural materials.
Top Row: Setting Plaster/Pavilion Gray
Second Row: Cornforth White/Blackened
Third Row: Down Pipe/Orangery
Last Row: Babouche/Off-Black

Check back for palette #4!

Oct 16, 2009

Paint Color Help - Farrow & Ball Color Predictions - Part 2

This is our second in this series of color predictions from our favorite Farrow & Ball. This collection called Glitz and Glamour, includes bright and rich colors. Go to their Shop For Color, and click on any favorite color including these below. You will find many more coordinating ones already chosen for you! Stay tuned the next two days for our next color palettes, two to go!
Glitz & Glamour Palette - This palette celebrates the decadent look that is all about excess and indulgence. Rich and opulent shades alongside metallics creates an extravagant feel. A palette not for the faint-hearted!
Top Row: Brinjal/Cat's Paw
Second Row: Savage Ground/Porphyry Pink
Third Row: Cinder Rose/Ringwold Ground
Last Row: Pitch Blue/Churlish Green

Stay tuned for two more palettes to come!

Oct 15, 2009

Paint Color Help! Farrow & Ball Color Predictions - Part One

My favorite paint company is still Farrow & Ball. Why? Because they do all the work for you! This grouping is just an example of one of the color palettes they have put together for you. There also is much more here to see than meets the eye. If you go to their website link, Shop For Color, you can click on each color below from the chart. Each of these colors has other examples that coordinate also, making these colors just the tip of the iceberg! This paint is wonderful to lay on the walls and you will never be disappointed. Go to their site for more great colors and ideas.
We have three more groupings to show you, so stay tuned the rest of the week!

Aquatic Palette - This palette of colors creates a gentle and tranquil scheme defined by the elements. Subtle, yet natural colors are contrasted with strong blues for a diluted watery look featuring freshwater tones.
Top Row: Drawing Room Blue/Pavilion Blue
Second Row: James White/Strong White
Third Row: Blue Ground/Tunsgate Green
Fourth Row: Hague Blue

Stay tuned for three more palettes!

Oct 14, 2009

English Furniture: Antique or Reproduction? Take The Test!

I have just recommended English Classics to one of our readers and thought I might share more of their story with you. English Classics is a company out of Atlanta that sells antique English style furniture as well as reproductions. They have a large inventory of beautiful furniture and are well known among the designers of Atlanta for always having that special piece for their customers. They have regular shipments from England of antique and reproduction furniture and are also glad to do custom orders for that special piece you desire. You might also want to check out their blog articles with information on their own furniture as well as news from around the furniture industry. Very informative! Below we are highlighting some of their furniture pieces that we have grown to love and have included an article from their blog for your enjoyment. Take time to look over their website and learn something new!

Take our furniture test! Guess if each piece of furniture is an antique or reproduction. Find the answers at the bottom of our article. See more of this beautiful furniture at the English Classics website.

A - Walnut Dining Table
B - Oak Farm Table
C - Mahogany Sideboard
D - Cherry Dining Table
E - Oak Butler Tray
F - Mahogany Mirror
G - Oak Corner Cabinet
H - Welsh Dresser
I - Oak Occasional Table
J - Walnut Writing Table
K - Oyster Dresser

Article from the English Classics Blog:

IKEA Offers to Furnish $2.7 Million Home
Posted by Chris under Industry News on September 22, 2009.

So I know it seems sometimes that I just love to pick on IKEA (and maybe I do), but when I ran across this article, I just had to share it. The skinniest house in New York—more history here—which runs at 9.5' x 42', was built in 1873 and once housed Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Edna St. Vincent Millay, is up for sale at $2.7 mil. And who steps in to offer to furnish the place for up to $10,000? The laminate name that shines with the gloss of new and vibrant disposable furniture.

There is a great irony in furnishing a multimillion dollar home with furniture designed for dorm rooms. Everyone I know who lived off of IKEA furniture in college spent those four or so years gradually replacing each piece with better finds at thrift stores and antique shops. Of course, as with everything, there are exceptions, and so IKEA does beef up their line with somewhat higher quality items, but even so—$2.7 million? Maybe I just don't get it down here in the Deep South of Atlanta, where we take low real estate prices and large spaces for granted.

Still, what can be more space-saving than a secretary bookcase combination or, for that matter, the ever-useful pembroke table? The English, who have historically had smaller living spaces than their expansive cousins over the pond, have specialized in space-saving cabinetry for hundreds of years. In fact, many of IKEA's designs, which sometimes present themselves with an air of ingeniously patented innovation, are simply borrowed from Old World cabinetmakers.

So if the buyers of this unique home have the taste (and the wallet) to purchase a charming, historical property, I really can't see them letting IKEA's designers have their way with the place. Who knows—maybe they'll shop at English Classics?

Test Answers:

A - Reproduction - Walnut Round Pedestal Dining Table
B - Reproduction - Oak Draw Leaf Farm Table - Georgian Period
C - Antique - Victorian Mahogany Sideboard, circa 1880.
D - Reproduction - English Round Cherry Dining Table
E - Antique - Oak Butler Tray Table, circa 1920.
F - Antique - Edwardian Mahogany Mirror, circa 1910.
G - Reproduction - Rustic Oak Corner Cabinet
H - Antique - Welsh Dresser in Oak, circa 1900.
I - Antique - Oak Occasional Table, circa 1920.
J - Reproduction - English Walnut Writing Table
K - Reproduction - Yew Wood Oyster Dresser

Oct 12, 2009

Vervain: Designer Fabrics - Asian Style

Vervain is one of our favorite fabric companies that features beautiful handprints, damasks, wovens and silks. These classical designs are crafted artistry for mainly traditional interiors which make up the hub of this collection. You will be inspired by this exciting resource of beauty and incomparable quality. Some of their most beautiful fabrics are the Asian inspired prints that you see here. If you need more information on any of these designs, just contact us. Go to their website, Vervain, for more designs. Above: Satsuma shown in Apricot on 100% cotton with large repeat. Colors: Apricot, Artwork, Green Bamboo and Taupe.
Kumiko - Shown in Bamboo on 100% cotton with large repeat. Colors: Bamboo, Spice & Royal.
Bayan Meadow - Shown in Royal in a woven fabric of rayon/cotton blend. Medium repeat. Colors: Royal, Harvest & Plumwood.
Sunan - Shown in Sunshine on 100% silk with large repeat. Colors: Sunshine, Celery, Nutmeg, Old Gold, Ruby & Onyx.
Porcellana - Shown in Black on a woven fabric with cotton/poly blend. Large repeat. Colors: Black or Cream.

Manchuria - Shown in Clover on 100% cotton, large repeat. Colors: Clover, Tangerine & Orchid.
Natsumi - Shown in Primary on a viscose/cotton blend, suitable for upholstery. Large repeat. Colors: Primary or Cream.
Animalia - Shown in Curry on a linen/cotton blend, large repeat. Colors: Curry, Artwork, Amber & Blossom.
Panshi - Shown in Pumice on 100% cotton, large repeat. Colors: Pumice, Artwork, Alabaster & Goldenrod.
Zhou Garden - Shown is Pistachio on 100% linen, large repeat. Colors: Pistachio, Robins Egg, Sepia & Citrine. This pattern also comes on 100% cotton in Terracotta, China & Crimson.
Taiping Palace - Shown in Ruby on 100% cotton, large repeat. Colors: Ruby, Artwork & Ebony.
Peking - Shown in Teastain on 100% cotton, medium repeat. Colors: Teastain, Henna, Fresh Green, Cobalt, Celadon & Cranberry.

Thanks to Vervain for the beautiful inspirational fabrics and photos!