Feb 27, 2009

Designer Places - Shopping In PARIS!!!

Paris - My Shopping Adventures!

On my many travels through Europe, I have to say Paris is still my favorite. I am not your ordinary traveler! I visit all the museums and guide book places, but the best to see for me is to find all the out of the way spots that you will remember forever! Paris has so much to offer and as a designer I love to explore all the sole proprietors and to bask in the beautiful wares. One of my all time favorites in Paris is the famous kitchenware shop of E. Dehillerin! You will never see a shop like this anywhere else! In 1820 E. Dehillerin started as a family business distributing high quality kitchen and pastry utensils for professionals. They are still there today with the same great products. When you enter this unique warehouse, it is a little dusty and dark, but the treasures are too many to name. Copper, french tableware, tools, molds, pepper mills, stainless steel, silicon sheets, etc. The list goes on and on! One holiday, I even purchased pepper mills for all my friends and family. Yes, this is one place worth stopping by in Paris especially for the everyday cooker. You won't be disappointed.
A sampling of what you may find!
Copper pots from E. Dehillerin. Extra thick copper with iron or bronze handles. Gorgeous!

Address: 18 et 20, rue Coquilliere - 51, rue Jean - Jacques Rousseau - 75001 Paris. Phone: +33 1 42 36 54 80. Open on Mondays from 9 to 12:30 and 2:00 to 6:00 and on Tuesdays to Saturdays from 9:00 to 6:00. closed on Sundays and European holidays.

Stay tuned for more articles from my travels to Europe as I share the shopping experience!

Feb 22, 2009

New Spring Decorating Trends!

Luxury does not have to end at the front door! Duralee is introducing it's first luxury indoor/outdoor fabric collection through the Highland Court division. The Faux Raffia Collection features forty selections that are specially engineered for the outdoors. And they did it beautifully too! The above photos shows the collection of patterns and some of the colors available. Rich neutrals such as Teak, Ebony, Charcoal, Jute and Beige as well as Pool, Leaf, Papaya and Melon. The fabrics are perfect for outdoor frames, ottomans, lounge chairs and pillows. Simple care and cleaning to enhance any space outside! Through designers only.

A wonderful new chair from the Duralee collection is shown above. The San Paulo chair has great style and comfort (#30-208) and the fabric shown enhances the view! Fabric: #13666-247 and pillow fabric: #13861-78. Available through The Designer Insider, just contact us.

Feb 19, 2009

Design Help: Book Review

A great design source has arrived to assist you with paint help! In my profession, I receive more questions about paint colors than any other subject. Due to the undertones of colors, the choices you make do not always turn out like you think they will. So here is a great primer of colors used by top designers to help you transform your rooms. Not only is this book a great small size to carry around, it has advice from top designers, a directory of swatches, manufacturers information and gorgeous room shots. The perfect color book! Printed by Hearst for House Beautiful. Just click on the Amazon Ad at the top of the page to buy this great book!

Feb 17, 2009

Design Tips: Hanging A Chandelier

Chandelier Size: A general guideline is to choose a chandelier that has a diameter equal to one half the width of the table. Take into account the style of the chandelier because styles have changed the last few years and we are now hanging pendants, lanterns and unique lighting choices above our tables.

How Low To Go: On a general note, hang your light about 30" above the dining table in a typical room with an eight foot ceiling. If your ceiling is much higher, then increase the distance between the bottom of the fixture and the table. Let your eyes be the judge. The chandelier needs to provide light for the table but not so low as to block anyone's line of vision when sitting at the table.

What Size: Start by adding your room dimensions together. If the room is 12 x 10, then add 12 + 10. The answer would be 22, which means that your chandelier would look proportionate if the fixture is 22" wide or round. Remember to take the style into consideration as well as the size of the room and the height of the ceiling. If the room is large and has several different areas, then treat the chandelier space as a room when measuring.

Use these guidelines for any room or setting and always purchase a great chandelier!

Feb 10, 2009

Interior Design Show - 2009

IDS 2009 - The Interior Design Show for 2009 concluded last week in Toronto, Canada. This annual show is Canada's largest contemporary design event and presents the newest and most innovative products by 300 exhibitors. This show highlights the best features of emerging trends, international interior design, architecture and industrial design. The keynote speakers are the most influential architects and designers from around the world. More than just a show, it is an experience! Below are examples of some of the new products featured from the show. Enjoy the eye candy!
Advantage Sakonnet Self Rim Sink from CorStone - Thick durable acrylic with high resistance. Features drainboard, 4 faucet holes, 100% stain resistant with a graphite finish.
Task Light from Humanscale - Ergonomic design featured along with counterbalance adjustments. Made from 90% recycled materials.
Olive Wood flooring from Olive Wood International - Planked flooring with deep stripes and marbled patterns.
Contract Office Seating from Floor-Model - Danish style seating in leather.
Contract seating from Krug - They offer this office chair in 20 different finishes and multiple fabrics.
My favorite! Faux Bois Lucite Tables from Palymyra.
New style ottoman from Edward Ferrell - Bridgeport Bench is 48" x 30".
Square basin from Porcher - China sink in white, made in Italy.
Bar Chair from Leland Manufacturing - Contoured plywood shell.
Vox Open Office from Nienkamper - Seamless work space for two.
Moroccan Lighting style from Palymyra.

Feb 3, 2009

Spring Introductions in Lighting!

Currey and Co. has introduced their Spring line of lighting. Above are some of the examples that we liked the most. Many different metals and finishes were used as their lighting is always hand made. The quality is excellent along with the service. Enjoy the view and let us know if you have any questions about the lighting.