Jan 28, 2009

Design Styles: DISPLAY IT !!

The definition of display? To show or exhibit; to make visible; to give special prominence to by choice, size or type. We are showing you different type of cabinets for display so you may give your loved items that special place in your home. Display cabinets come in all sizes, colors and price ranges. You may find a great piece at a flea market or even at your local discount store. Or you may want to look for that special piece from across the globe. Whatever your styles or needs, there are cabinets for display for every home, in every color and in every style. The above cabinet is from Sherrill Furniture. More eye candy below.
Oly - The Elizabeth Glass Cabinet has a mirrored back and comes in antique white, chalk (shown) or dark brown.
Hickory White - This cabinet is from the Metropolitan Classics Collection and comes in multiple finishes.
Hooker Furniture - This cabinet is from the Seven Seas Collection and comes in distressed white with a sage finished back.
Ikea - Talk about value! This cabinet is made of hardwoods and comes in red, black or pine.
Hekman - This bookcase is from the new Arts & Crafts Collection. It has sliding doors with a mission finish on oak.
American Drew - Great value furniture. Camden Black with sliding doors and glass shelves.
Sarreid - Armoire #23135 - Faux bamboo made from pine and elm with a carved pediment.

Jan 22, 2009


In the 1940's, a small company was founded on the south coast of England. Chemists, John Farrow & Richard Ball, established a reputation for quality and kept with their formula even though other paint companies switched to cheaper acrylics with plastic content after the war. Today they still use the finest ingredients and still offer customers a range of colors and finishes. Their extraordinary artisinal wallpapers are made using the real paints which makes it easy for the customer to match the correct paint color to the papers. They stand apart as the only manufacturer which actually makes all of the paint and wallpaper sold under its name. For example, their Estate Emulsion offers unsurpassed levels of mattness and depth of color with up to 30% more pigment then other paints.
Farrow & Ball still continues to check each and every batch of paint itself, guaranteeing superior finishes and accuracy of color. Their edited palette of 132 colors in thirteen finishes has been created to ensure a beautiful and harmonious result, inside or outside the home. Some say the depth of color can only be compared to silk, a fiber with a great capacity for pigment.

If we can help you with Farrow & Ball paints, just drop us a note and we will be glad to assist you. Below are some photos using some of the most popular colors, so enjoy the view!
Color: Terre d'Egypte
Color: Green Blue

Color: Lulworth Blue
Color: Chinese Blue
Color: Calke Green

Color: Refectory Red

Jan 16, 2009

LANTERNS - You Light Up My Life!

We all love candle lanterns and they are as popular as ever. As we move outdoors toward our patios and porches, lanterns will stay as popular in 2009 as they were this past season. We have listed a few here for you, let us know if there is one you cannot live without and we will be glad to help you with your purchase. Enjoy the eye candy! Our email: www.thesource@numail.org.

Jan 9, 2009

OSBORNE & LITTLE: Icons Of The Design World

In the 1960's, two brother-in-laws opened a small shop in London. From the beginning, their designs of wallpaper and fabrics became award winning. They have expanded over the years and are still featuring premier collections of wallpaper, fabrics and furniture available to the design trade. They strive hard to maintain their reputation and quality from the 60's and remain one of the favorites in the design world. In addition to their own designs, they represent Nina Campbell, Liberty Designs, Lorca and most recently, Michael Reeves Furniture. Enjoy the photos we have compiled from Osborne & Little and let us know if you need more information. The above wallpaper: Walk In The Park Collection. See more photos below.
Tree silhouettes with a metallic glow and Lomond wool fabrics.
Horizontal mid-scale zebra striped wallpaper.
Kenwood wallpaper of bold exotic palms.
Wallpaper from Folia and Kediri Collection fabrics.
Nina Campbell wallpaper and fabric.
Liberty Designs featuring new velvet patterns from Italian gardens.
Dazzle is a new cotton print fabric collection from Liberty Designs for children.
Shown is a console table from Osborne & Little in walnut with a lacquered top. The top colors available are purple, chocolate, silver and chartreuse. Different styles of tables available in these colors.
Michael Reeves Furniture is a new addition to Osborne & Little. Many modern styles available including the above chair, Mercer.
Folia papers and fabrics.
Koi Carp wallpaper from Folia.

All of the above are unique examples of the range of fabrics, wallpapers and furniture available through Osborne & Little. Check with us for more information, to the trade only. Email us: thesource@numail.org or visit our e-shop at www.TheDesignerInsider.com.

Jan 4, 2009

DESIGN STYLE: Photo Collages!

The holidays are over and it is time to move on in the new year! A great place to start is to organize those holiday photos and to display them in a proper and unique setting. These great photo collages would be a great asset to any decor and would make your photos be admired by all! They especially look the best with black and white photos. You may find a selection of these for sale at our website: www.thedesignerinsider.com. If you see a collage here that is not for sale on our site, just email us and we can help you with the purchase. Email: thesource@numail.org. Enjoy the collages and let us know what you think about displaying your photos in this unique manner.

Collage above: The Tilford - 42w x 28h x 2d - Holds 5 x 7 photos.
Collage above: Beach Life - 38w x 33h x 1d - Holds 5 x 7 and 5 x 5 photos.

Collage above: The Family Tree - 32w x 29 h x 3d.
Collage above: Family Values - 21w x 28h x 2d - Holds 6 x 8 and 5 x 7 photos.
Collage above: Aniella - 60w x 34h x 2d - Holds 4 x 6 and 10 x 10 photos.
Collage above: Lucho - 29w x 31h x 1d - Holds 8 x 10, 4 x 6 and 6 x 4 photos.
Collage above: Eladio - 19w x 42h x 3d - Holds 4 x 6 and 5 x 5 photos.

Collage above: Perlita - 42w x 19h x 2d - Openings are 4" and 3".