Oct 29, 2008

Frame It!

Below are four examples of wonderful message frames that are a great gift or just for yourself. The frames are made of composite and have a marble-like feel and look. Their popularity is rising so be the first to see it here! All are approximately 8" x 6" overall.

Frames below:

"Believe In Forever"
"Laugh Like You Mean It"
"Don't Mess With My Dog"
"Celebrate With Reckless Abandon"

Order now: $18.00 each at www.thedesignerinsider.com.

Oct 23, 2008

Great Buys Under $50!

Silver Leaf Bracket - $36.00 at www.thedesignerinsider.com.
Caribbean Conch Shell on Stand - $28.00 at www.thedesignerinsider.com.
Beautiful Memory Frames - $18.00 at www.thedesignerinsider.com.
Bronze Finished Bulls Eye Mirror - $45.00 at www.thedesignerinsider.com.

Caribbean Starfish on Stand - $32.00 at www.thedesignerinsider.com.

Oct 15, 2008

Wall Displays - Mix It Up!!!

The above photo (Courtesy of Domino Magazine) shows a great way to make a plain wall look special. Notice that all the pieces are different but yet framed in black to give a shared harmony to the display. You can apply this same rule to many types of displays just be sure that they have something in common. (Same subject or similar colors.)

The beautiful convex mirror is FOR SALE at our new site: www.thedesignerinsider.com

Oct 8, 2008

My Five Fabulous Faves For October Under $50 !

Wisteria - Set of three beautiful mercury glass pumpkins that will add a sparkle to any display. Each pumpkin is 5 x 5 x 4.75. Set of three: $34.00!
Pottery Barn - Metal twig candle sconce to add to your Fall display. Hang in pairs for a great effect. Priced $49.00 each.
Pier 1 - Embossed ceramic floral vases that are special enough to display just one or add a fall branch from your garden. Each vase priced from $18.00 - $30.00.
Sur La Table - Beautiful acorn and fig pattern, exclusive from Terre Biance. Other items for purchase include 9" serving plates and a serving bowl. Platter is 17" x 11" and is priced $50.00.

Front Gate - Set of two battery operated lanterns for safe trick or treating or for any holiday table, 8" x 11"h. $39.00