Nov 21, 2008

The French Style - INSPIRATION!

The French Style - What is it we love about what we call the French look? Is it the romance, the layering of patterns and textures, stripped wood, limestone tiles, cherry furniture, gorgeous ceramics or rough plastered walls? It is all these things that make the French style one of the most popular decorating styles still today. The French style unites all the regions of France: Provence region, Normandy and the Loire Valley. In prerevolutionary France, the King controlled everything including the decorative arts and down to what colors were used for the home. You can still see this today in the rich colors that are still popular throughout France. The style encompasses many layers with no desire to match anything, each item becomes a part of the supporting cast.
Above is an article that appeared in Veranda magazine on Francois & Co. This company pulls out all stops to bring the French style into homes by selling antique stone mantels and making reproductions of many types of stone articles found throughout France. They can make any home have that French style! Check out their beautiful website: and dream of a chateau in France!
Below you will find French inspired items that we sell on our website. Enjoy the view!
French chest in cherry finish - GJCF8 - $1299.00 -
La Chapelle Chandelier - Petite chandelier in rust finish - C09486 - $475.00 -
Brass Rococo Candle Sconces - GV90458 - Beautiful pair! - $389.00 -
Montmartre Chandelier - Beautiful French Rendition - C09391 - $960.00 -
French olive jar lamp- "The Beatrice" - C06491 - $284.00 -
French Tile Plaques - GV8008 - $129.00 pair -
French Cherry Bookcase - GJDC23 - $748.00 -

We hope all these items will inspire you to bring the French style to your home!

Nov 15, 2008

Design Style: New! Driftwood Lamps

Beautiful new driftwood lamps! Just came on the market and selling like hotcakes! They accent any decor from beachside to mountainside. Accented with old iron and shantung rectangular shades. You may purchase on our site:

Nov 10, 2008

Design Style: Nature In White

Let us introduce you to a unique company that focuses on lighting and accessories by bringing the outdoors inside. Moth Design uses elements of nature such as: coral, tree trunks and wind effects for their designs. All are handmade and evoke a sense of nature, calming, elegance and vitality to any room. To the Trade. Please contact us about any of these products.
Our email:
The above photo shows beautiful coral inspired sconces in a powder white finish. See more of their designs below.
Table lamp in white powder coat finish.

Rickman end tables.
Tree floor lamp in white powder coat finish.
Coral chandelier in white powder coat finish. Below: Tree trunk coffee table.

Nov 9, 2008


Finding your color palette is the first step toward choosing colors for your home. Answer a few questions below and you will be on your way toward choosing the right palette for you.

  1. What colors are in your closet? Look over your wardrobe and choose the colors that you like to wear the most and that make you feel the best.
  2. What style is your current home? Narrow your style so you can focus your ideas. You can research different styles through publications and magazines. Your local paint store will have certain styles already divided on charts to assist you. Such as, Victorian, modern, historical, beach side, etc.
  3. Where do you reside? Do you live in a high rise apartment or in a bungalow by the beach? Take a look at your surroundings and make note of the colors in your outdoor palette.
  4. What colors inspire you the most? Do you love the look of a red rose or maybe the tones of natural wood? Narrow your likes and dislikes.
  5. What colors do you already use? If you currently love any colors that you already use in your decor, then build from that palette. Maybe you love the fabric on a chair or the colors in a piece of art work. Make notes and then choose colors accordingly.
The idea is to build from colors you love and that inspire you in your everyday life. If you are still confused, you may need to do more research through publications, magazines, your local paint store or hire a designer just to help you with color.

Once you have a direction, then it is time to choose colors from your local paint store. Here are a few more tips:
  1. First choose your main color. Let your other colors flow from this first choice. Choose color chips and bring them home and take your time. Once you know what your main selection will be, then choose several tones of that color from the charts to purchase in sample size.
  2. Paint your samples on heavy white poster board then move each poster through out the room during daytime and nighttime.
  3. Always confer with the paint store professionals if you are looking for a certain tone. For example: If I need a blue that has a more gray undertone for a soft look, then I confer with the paint rep on the ingredients of each color. I will choose a blue that has more additional black then maybe another choice I like. Let your paint store help!
  4. Slow down, take time and choose colors you love.

Nov 3, 2008

Design Style: Choosing A Sofa

It is now possible to get the sofa you want! When it is time to look for a new sofa, choose a company that can give you multiple choices of style, sizes, types, etc. For example, the company shown on the chart above offers one sofa with 48 different choices . You should have a choice of arm style, leg style, seat and cushion style, back cushion style and multiple sizes. You build your own sofa! This will ensure that the comfort level and look that you expect will be worth the wait. So go for the gusto and really get the sofa of your dreams!