Oct 24, 2014

Lamp of the Week! Industrial Bronze Iron Floor Lamp

aged bronze iron floor lamp
Industrial Iron Floor Lamp

Industrial Iron Floor Lamp in Bronze Gold
This floor lamp has a very industrial look with its iron turned body with intermittent squares of iron all along the shaft. This gives this lamp a bolt and screw look. The base is square to complete the design along with the round finial on top. The iron is finished in an aged bronze with some gold as distressing. The shade is a light beige linen in a larger round drum shape. Add a touch of industrial to your room! This item is new, you may preorder if not yet in stock. Item C08071 at The Designer Insider shop.

Oct 23, 2014

Decorating with Sanderson Wallpaper for Kids

Scribbler Wallpaper from Sanderson

We love this wallpaper for kid's rooms. This is a fun and versatile wallpaper pattern of pencils all in a row. Use this pattern on just one wall for an impact. A great new pattern from Sanderson.
Collection: Little Sanderson - Abracazoo Wallpapers
Pattern: Scribbler
Three Colorways: Vintage (seen here); Blue or Red.

Oct 22, 2014

Rustic Woven Braid Trim from Kravet Couture

Kravet Burnished Metal Trim Braids
Rustic Trim Braid in Eight Colors

We love this rustic trim braid for its metal buttons and mix of colors that makes it so unique. This is a 2" braid that can be used on pillows, furniture and draperies. The woven look is formed by rayon, metal and metallic threads woven together to create this exclusive braid. You can only find it at Kravet! See more luscious colors below.
Pattern: Starry Night
Color above: Copper

Pattern: Starry Night
Color: Aged Ore

Pattern: Starry Night
Color: Bronze

Pattern: Starry Night
Color: Miner's Gold

Pattern: Starry Night
Color: Nickel

Pattern: Starry Night
Color: Platinum

Pattern: Starry Night
Color: Rustic Iron

Pattern: Starry Night
Color: Titanium

There you have it! A colorway for everyone. This trim will fit into traditional or modern homes. Sold to the trade by Kravet.

Oct 21, 2014

Decorating Best Seller - Round Gold Antiqued Mirror

Our best selling mirror now comes in two sizes! Small or large, you choose the size!

gold iron antiqued round mirror
Antiqued Gold Iron Round Mirror

Hammered Iron Round Gold Leaf Mirror
Small or large, this mirror now comes in two sizes! The perfect mirror for modern or traditional homes. This mirror is simple and sleek in design with an understated luxury feel. The round mirror glass is antiqued with just enough distressing to give the mirror some character. The frame is narrow iron so it is not obtrusive and is lightly hammered. It is then finished in a beautifully hand applied distressed gold leaf.
Click below to see each mirror for more information.
Large Round Gold Mirror - C01088 - 42" across.
Small Round Gold Mirror - C01096 - 21" across.

See all or our round mirrors at The Designer Insider, click here!

Oct 20, 2014

Modern Steel Airline Bench - Six Choices!

cowhide leather on stainless steel bench

Modern Steel Bench with Leather Seating - Click here for information!
Choose this modern steel airline bench with a leather that fits your lifestyle. A perfect bench for living rooms, foyers and back hallways. Polished steel mixes with a top grain cowhide leather to give you the look you deserve.
Available: Holstein Cowhide of black and white; Black Hair Cowhide; Orange Grain Leather; Citron Grain Leather; Aqua Grain Leather or Ivory Grain Leather.

Oct 17, 2014

Lamp of the Week! Rustic White Washed Wood Lamp

rustic white rectangular lamp
White Washed Wood Lamp

Rustic White Washed Wood Lamp
This rustic wood lamp is hand carved into this vase shape and then white washed for a soft look. The lamp is wider than deep so it fits nicely on a narrow table. The shade is a rectangular bone linen that complements the overall design. Use this lamp in a modern or traditional setting for a great look! Size: 30" high x 17.5" wide across front x 10" deep front to back. One light at 150w maximum. Item C06767 at The Designer Insider shop.

Showroom view:

Oct 16, 2014

Modern Patterned Velvet! "Arts and Crafts" by Vervain

floral velvet fabrics
Arts and Crafts in Gemstone.

Modern Art Deco Patterned Velvet
This unique and beautiful fabric is a patterned velvet made in Italy. What a mix of color and pattern! All of the fabric you see in the photo is from the same fabric piece. This fabric has many colors and patterns that can be incorporated into your room in a number of ways. The repeat is extra large at 54" horizontal x 77" vertical. You can use this larger pattern as drapes and use smaller pieces like you see here. Gorgeous! This is a velvet with a mix of floral patterns, leaves and novelty patterns that are all rolled into one magnificent picture, just like stained glass. Fabric pattern: Arts and Crafts. Colorway: Gemstone. Content: 55% Viscose/45% Cotton. A "high end" Vervain fabric only sold through Fabricut.

Closeup view below:

velvet fabrics with patterns
Closeup view of repeat on fabric.

Oct 13, 2014

Modern Stripe on Linen! How to Use Modern Stripes in Decorating

Blithfield Fabrics

The Langham Collection from Blithfield
Blithfield designs and manufactures fabrics with contemporary inspirations to archival documents. The Langham Collection features printed fabrics and woven fabrics. We are featuring our favorite, Saybrook. This is a more contemporary fabric in a printed horizontal stripe on 100% linen that also works well in traditional homes. Below are more photos of this unique print. All fabrics from Blithfield, sold through Lee Jofa.

Pillows left to right:
Saybrook in Brown/Taupe
Hadleigh in Pink
Hadleigh in Blue/Aqua/Lime
Saybrook in Pumpkin/Orange
Saybrook in Blue/Aqua/Lime
Bench: Launceton Stripe in Olive/Aqua

Using A Stripe Fabric on a Modern Chair

Striped Fabrics on Chairs
This modern chair works well with the Saybrook fabric for a contemporary addition to your room.
Modern chair: Saybrook in Blue/Aqua/Lime
Drapery: Albemarle in Green

Stripes for Draperies

Striped Fabrics for Draperies
Go horizontal with stripes for a modern look.
Drapery: Saybrook in Pumpkin/Orange
Chair: Lowell in Silver

Oct 10, 2014

Lamp of the Week! Amber Glass Lamp

amber glass lamp
Amber Glass Table Lamp

Classic Amber Glass Table Lamp
This lamp has a classic silhouette that has been crafted with romantic dark amber glass. It is then topped with an eggshell shantung shade and trimmed in a darker brass. Perfect for traditional or modern rooms. Size: 32" high. Item C06089 at The Designer Insider shop. BEST SELLER!

 Showroom view:

Oct 9, 2014

Decorating 101: The Perfect Round Mirror!

round gold mirror
The Perfect Round Mirror 

Sleek and sophisticated with a simple design makes this mirror effortlessly chic! A light antiqued mirror is surrounded by a slender gold frame that will add allure to any space. Use this mirror over a fireplace, in a foyer, as a bedroom mirror or even in a bath. A mirror that everyone can use in a modern or traditional setting!
Size: 42" across.
Finish: Slightly distressed gold leaf on an iron frame.
Weight: 44 pounds.
Item: C01088 at The Designer Insider shop.

Oct 8, 2014

Modern Faux Leather Fabrics

modern vinyl fabrics
Modern Faux Leathers

Modern Faux Leather Fabrics
These faux leathers feature a more modern look with brighter colors and unique textures. Use this high durability faux leather on furniture, walls and indoor/outdoor porches.

Top to bottom:
Nifty - Neon - An indoor/outdoor vinyl that comes in 20 different colors.
Corbin - Pearl  (second and third fabric)- A faux striped grain vinyl that comes in 7 different colors.
Belvedere - Pewter - This faux leather has an animal skin texture in 8 colors that are shades of brown or gray.
Linus - Epoxy - A faux leather in a modern textured pattern. Comes in 8 soft colors.
Corky - Parchment - A vinyl that has the look of cork in shades of brown and this unique parchment color seen here.

All faux leathers by S Harris, through Fabricut.
Click Here to Shop!

Oct 6, 2014

Candle Wall Sconces!

wall sconces for candles
Decorative Candle Wall Sconces

Wall Sconces for Candles
Beautiful sconces for all style of rooms from traditional to modern. Choose your favorite! Click here to go to our website to see all the in stock candle wall sconces: The Designer Insider shop!

Oct 1, 2014

Decorating with Ethnic Fabrics. The Big Sky Collection from Pindler.

southwestern fabrics
Big Sky Fabric Collection

Big Sky Collection from Pindler. Featuring Ethnic and Southwestern Fabrics!

This is an authentic Southwestern fabric collection that gets its inspiration from classic Americana and Indian culture. You will find vintage stripes, blanket patterns and hand woven textiles. Subtle accent colors and updated desert tones are exclusive to this collection from Pindler. Seven designs that all have a high durability rating.

Fabrics top to bottom:
Brooks in Adobe. Comes in eleven fabulous colors.
Walker in Navajo. Also comes in Mesa and Sandstone.
Sequoia in Mesa. Also comes in Navajo, Thunder and Sandstone.
Colton in Adobe. Also comes in Mesa, Navajo and Thunder.
Clint in Adobe. Also comes in Mesa, Navajo and Thunder.

Sep 30, 2014

Charleston Antiqued Gray Media and Storage Cabinet

larger gray brown distressed cabinet with mirrored doors
Antiqued Gray Brown Media Armoire
Antiqued Mirrored Gray Media Storage Cabinet
This larger antiqued storage cabinet is perfect for media storage and to be the focal point in your room! This cabinet is versatile for just about any room in the house.  This Charleston styled cabinet comes in two pieces with the bottom serving as a buffet and the top for storage. Two drawers and two separate cabinets with large doors and adjustable shelves provides plenty of storage. The cabinet doors are beautifully accented with wooden x's and with antiqued mirrors. Crafted from a hardwood with a grain like oak that gives this gray/brown stain a texture with variations in tones that are common. Shades of antique gray and browns with a sandblasted finish and natural wax coating for protection and a beautiful smooth sheen. Notice also the ball feet that completes the look. Hardware and hinges are a distressed nickel. Size: 88" high x 64" wide x 25" deep. Item weight is a heavy 364 pounds. Large and roomy! Item C03162 at The Designer Insider shop. Showroom view below!

Inside view of cabinet showing openings for media.

Showroom view of antiqued gray/brown finish.

Showroom view shows true finish and illuminating mirrors!

Sep 29, 2014

Modern Upholstery Fabrics from Kravet.

modern green fabrics
Modern Green and Ivory Upholstery Fabric from Kravet

Modern Upholstery Fabrics in Green
These softer greens offers a verdant and lush oasis that matches perfectly with ivory hues inspired by a sand dollar. Offered through Kravet.

Fabric rolls from top:

Sep 26, 2014

Tall White Urn Lamp! Lamp of the Week!

best seller white lamp
White Modern Urn Lamp

Transitional Timeless White Urn Lamp
This lamp is just as it says, it is timeless! The tall vase is glazed in all white with small crackles and with clear acrylic accents for the base and finial. The shade is a parchment white to complete the pleasing design. Size: 35" total height. Item C06478 at The Designer Insider shop. BEST SELLER!

  Showroom view:

Sep 25, 2014

Bar and Serving Carts!

Great serving bar carts for serving! Four great choices for modern or traditional homes.

wood tray bar cart
Wood Folding Tray Serving Cart

Wood Bar Cart with Removable Tray!
This is a beautiful wood bar cart with a medium stain and a removable tray top. The legs are a folding style that are cleverly disguised underneath the removable top tray. Both tiers are wood including the tray top. The tray can also double as a bed or serving tray. Size: 34" long x 19" wide side to side x 29" total height. Item GV720075 at The Designer Insider shop.

white bar cart
White Modern Serving Cart

Modern White Lacquered Bar Cart
This is a design that is reminiscent of the entertainment period of the mid-century. The all metal cart is finished in a matte white lacquer for a sophisticated elegance on this modern design. The handles are integrated into the design completing the rectangular shape with a modern geometric motif. Size: 36" long x 16" wide side to side x 42" total height at the top of the handles on each end. Item GV2478 at The Designer Insider shop.

oval bar cart
Nickel Oval Serving Cart

Oval Nickel Bar Cart with Arbor Motif
This is a beautiful bar cart made of brass that has been plated with a modern shiny nickel finish. The cart is oval in shape with three shelves for plenty of storage space. The two top shelves are glass and the bottom shelf is a solid black granite piece encased within the nickel metal. The leg supports and the handles on each end are twig textured with superb detailing to resemble branches in an arbor and to bring a natural motif to the cart. Size: 41" long x 20" wide side to side x 37.5" total height. Item GV882048 at The Designer Insider shop.

oval brass serving cart
Brass Oval Serving Cart

Oval Brass Bar Cart with Arbor Motif
This is a beautiful bar cart made of brass with a modern softer brass finish. The cart is oval in shape with three shelves for plenty of storage space. The two top shelves are glass and the bottom shelf is a solid white marble piece encased within the brass metal. The leg supports and the handles on each end are twig textured with superb detailing to resemble branches in an arbor and to bring a natural motif to the cart. Size: 41" long x 20" wide side to side x 37.5" total height. Item GV882047 at The Designer Insider shop.

Sep 24, 2014

Decorating with Modern Prints

Go modern with bold prints on your solid upholstery! All fabrics from Fabricut.

modern pillows
Bright Modern Prints for Pillows from Fabricut

Modern Printed Fabrics:
No need to redo upholstery, change your pillows and accessories as trends come and go. Choose modern bold prints for pillows and drapes to match with your solid upholstery. Notice the nailheads in nickel that mix with the nickel lamp and nickel cocktail table to keep this room modern.

Chairs: Cypress Hill in Navy; Alpine in Blue (back); Silverchair in Ivory (pillow).

Drapery: Sheryl Interlock in Ivory.

Sofa: Cypress Hill in Taupe.

Pillows left to right:
No Doubt in Citron
Mumford in Charcoal
The Clash in Teal

Sep 23, 2014

Our Top Ten "Best Selling" Wall Sconces!

white beach sconces
White Coral Wall Sconce
C05158- White Coral Wall Sconce - A white textured finish covers the wrought iron frame to create a sconce with oceanic beauty. Other light fixtures to match!

modern silver wall sconce
Silver Slim Modern Wall Sconce
C05908 - Silver Wall Sconce with Silk Shade - This sconce is slimmer in depth than most with its 4" depth. The silk shade curves back to the wall hiding the modern GU24 socket. Distressed silver over iron completes the look.

star wall sconce
Antiqued Mirror Star Wall Sconce
C05007 - Antiqued Mirrored Star Wall Sconce - Antiqued mirror panels are arranged over a distressed silver iron frame to create this beautiful starburst wall sconce. Our top seller!

Boxed Iron and Glass Wall Sconce
C05119 - Industrial Chic Boxed Iron Wall Sconce - This sconce blends industrial with metropolitan chic with its all iron boxed design and seeded glass disc that sits in front of the bulb. A mirrored back further illuminates the light with its old iron finish.

modern brass sconce
Modern Brass Shaded Wall Sconce
C05121 - Brass and Cream Silk Shaded Wall Sconce - This sconce has a mid-twentieth century design with a softer antique brass finish and a cream silk oval shade. Modern and sophisticated for transitional interiors.

modern brass sconce
Brass and Black Shaded Wall Sconce
C05021 - Brass and Black Silk Shaded Wall Sconce - This sconce has a mid-twentieth century design with a softer antique brass finish and a black silk oval shade. A modern and sophisticated choice for transitional interiors.

mirrored silver wall sconce
Antiqued Mirrored Wall Sconce
C05027 - Antiqued Mirror and Silver Wall Sconce - Traditional or modern, this sconce features a distressed silver finish with facets of antique mirror. Great with a shade or without for any interior.

clear glass shaded sconce
Bronze Gold Sconce with Glass Shade
C05127 - Bronze Gold Modern Glass Shaded Sconce - Bronze with gold highlights over iron makes this sconce distinctive especially with its clear glass shade. Also available is the same sconce with a frosted shade. A smaller sconce for traditional or modern interiors.

mirrored ornate sconce
Gold and Silver Traditional Mirrored Sconce
C05028 - Gold and Silver Empire Wall Sconce - This wall sconce is adorned with arrow and acorn accents in gold and silver leaf finishing with antiqued mirror to complete the look. A very traditional wall sconce with an Empire design.

Coach lantern wall sconce in bronze
Distressed Bronze Lantern Wall Sconce
C05030 - Distressed Bronze Wall Lantern Sconce - This beautiful lantern styled sconce features a bronze verdigris finish over iron and antiqued seeded glass panels. Tall and narrow for traditional or transitional interiors.

Click here for all of our sconces!  The Designer Insider Sconces

Sep 22, 2014

Kravet Gray, Green and Sea Blue Fabrics for Upholstery

Kravet Upholstery Fabrics

Modern upholstery fabrics in seaside blues and grays. All from Kravet.

Soft blues and greens with a dusty taste of gravel is offered in this new surf collection from Kravet and Panetone.
Fabrics from left: